Summer fun with responsibility: how to protect your children from accidents in the garden pool

How can you enjoy the carefree fun of summer while making sure your loved ones frolic safely in the backyard pool? In this post, we'll address the serious dangers that can come from a backyard pool and share some important tips and strategies for keeping your kids safe.
Dangers in your own pool: How to protect your loved ones
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Dangers in your own pool: How to protect your loved ones

Summer is here, and with it comes the carefree time of year when families get together to barbecue in the backyard, play games and, of course, splash in the pool. The sound of laughing children splashing in the water is the epitome of happiness for many parents. However, this joy comes with a great responsibility: the safety of our children.

A backyard pool can be a place of discovery and joy for children, but it also poses serious dangers. In this post, we’ll give you some important tips and strategies for making your home safer while enjoying summer to the fullest.

The invisible danger

Children, especially younger ones, often don’t understand the risks associated with water. They are curious and want to explore. But they can’t save themselves if they fall into the water. Drowning happens silently and quickly. So it’s our duty as parents and guardians to make sure that fun in the water doesn’t turn into a tragedy.

Backyard pool safety: statistics and measures to protect our children

  • Of the approximately 100 children who drown each year in Germany, about 20% drown in a private pool in the backyard.
  • The number of backyard pool accidents is rising proportionally with the increasing popularity of private pools. In the last five years, the number of private pools in Germany has increased by about 10%, which is accompanied by an increase in the number of accidents.
  • In addition to fatal accidents, there are also numerous non-fatal incidents. It is estimated that about 500 children are treated in German hospitals each year for near drowning, a significant proportion of which are due to accidents in backyard pools.
  • The age group most affected by backyard pool drowning accidents are children between 1 and 4 years of age. They account for nearly 60% of all backyard pool drowning accidents.
  • Many of these accidents are preventable. Studies show that over 70% of backyard pool drowning accidents occur when supervision is neglected. In addition, about 60% of accidents could be prevented with proper safety measures such as fencing or covers.

This sad statistic underscores the need to take backyard pool safety seriously. Not only is it important to always supervise children in the water, but it is also important to invest in preventative measures such as swimming lessons, safety fences and rescue equipment. Only a combination of supervision, education, and physical safety measures can ensure backyard pool safety.

Tips for keeping your backyard pool safe

Visibility is key: place your pool where you can keep an eye on it at all times. Avoid places behind hedges or privacy fences.

  • Supervision is key: the importance of constant supervision cannot be overstated. Even a brief moment of distraction can end tragically. Always designate a responsible person to supervise children and not do other chores at the same time.
  • Establish clear rules: Enforce clear and strict pool rules. Be consistent in enforcing these rules.
  • Use a pool cover: A good cover prevents children from entering the pool unsupervised.
  • No Climbing Devices: Remove any objects that could serve as climbing aids. Children are resourceful and often use unexpected things to reach places they shouldn’t.
  • Education and swimming lessons: talk to your children about the dangers and consider swimming lessons. Even basic knowledge can save lives.
  • Involve the neighborhood: If you live in a community with many swimming pools, it may be a good idea to discuss the issue with your neighbors and take safety measures together.
  • First aid skills: Learn basic first aid and resuscitation. In the event of an emergency, this can be lifesaving.


Summer is supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation. With a little forethought and planning, your backyard pool can be a safe place for your family without dampening the fun. The responsibilities that come with owning a pool should not be taken lightly. Enjoy the summer – but do it safely!


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