Infrared cabin – a luxury that you can also enjoy at home

Especially in the cold season, many people long for cozy warmth. When the sky is gray and rainy, warmth is a real boon for body and soul. You too should treat yourself to a little wellness luxury for your home.
Wellness luxury for your home

Wellness luxury for your home

If you don’t want to miss out on wellness at home and want to create a place to relax and decelerate, you would be well advised to have your own infrared cabin. Unlike a sauna cabin, it does not take up much space, does not require a power connection and is therefore also suitable for smaller rooms. But what to look for when buying an infrared cabin – and why is it worth the investment? You can find out everything important about the topic in this guide.

The infrared cabin – what is it exactly?

An infrared cabin is a gentle and space-saving alternative to the sauna. While the air temperature in the sauna can be up to 212 °F, the temperature in an infrared cabin is only between 95 and 122 °F. The infrared cabin is a very effective alternative to the sauna. Thanks to radiators distributed within the cabin, the infrared radiation can be evenly absorbed by the body, which most people find particularly beneficial.

The infrared radiation penetrates directly into our skin and stimulates it to produce heat from within. In this case, our body functions similarly to athletic training: those who regularly treat themselves to relaxation in the infrared cabin stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the immune system and purify their bodies. A visit in the infrared cabin can take place quietly several times per week, if the warmth does one good. Because one sweats naturally thereby and loses accordingly much liquid, it is particularly important to drink before and afterward as much as possible. Another advantage is that an infrared cabin does not require any warm-up and cool-down phases, as is the case with a sauna. It is sufficient to sit down in the cabin for about 30 minutes – after that you can go on with your usual daily routine.

Alternative to the classic sauna

If you do not have too much space at home, the infrared cabin is a worthwhile alternative to the classic sauna. As a rule, manufacturers supply their infrared cabins as ready-assembled elements that are mounted on the wall. Thus, the structure arranges itself relatively easily. Inside, the walls are insulated with heat-resistant material, such as mineral wool. The optimal insulation properties eliminate the need for a longer heating time of the cabin, which saves a lot of energy and time.

What are the health benefits of an infrared cabin?

For our health, an infrared cabin brings many positive aspects. Because the radiation penetrates our skin, the heat can be distributed evenly throughout the body. The sweating flushes out waste products and toxins from our body, and the body is cleansed from the inside. Our immune system is also sustainably strengthened and can better fight potential pathogens. If you regularly treat yourself to relaxation in the infrared cabin, you can effectively prevent colds.

An infrared cabin can be this small

Another great advantage of an infrared cabin is that they can be integrated into many homes because they are relatively compact. The smallest models take up less than 1 m² of space and thus fit well into many apartments – so you don’t necessarily have to own your own house. As a rule, infrared cabins can be easily assembled or disassembled with a little manual skill. So if you want to move, simply take your infrared sauna with you. It is to be noted positively beyond that in addition that for the installation of a infrared cab no power connection is necessary. It is sufficient, if in the dwelling and/or in the house a normal plug socket connection with 220 volts is present. Then also no electrician is necessary for the connection – one plugs only into the plug socket and takes the infrared cab immediately in enterprise.

And: An infrared cabin is not only much more compact than a sauna cabin, but also much cheaper – this concerns both the purchase and the operation. Certainly, the purchase price depends on the particular model, so it is always worth comparing different products. Because most infrared cabins are relatively energy efficient, the cost of keeping them is also cheaper than that of a sauna cabin.

For whom is an infrared cabin suitable?

Basically, every healthy person can benefit from the advantages of an infrared cabin. Last but not least, many people prefer the infrared cabin to a sauna because it does not strain the circulation as much. Athletes also like to use infrared radiation to loosen up and relax their muscles. The heat makes muscles, tendons and ligaments flexible and helps get rid of sore muscles.

Infrared cabin also promotes the health of your children

In principle, children can also visit an infrared sauna – however, there are some things to consider here. For example, children should never use an infrared cabin unsupervised. Furthermore, it is important that the stay is adapted to the age of the child. Because the skin surface of children is relatively larger than that of adults, they can absorb more heat. Therefore, the session in the heat cabin should not be too long. Parents best control the temperature of the child so that he does not overheat.

Where to buy an infrared cabin?

It is possible to buy an infrared cabin both from specialized dealers and on the Internet. Most often, prices are cheaper on the net, especially since it is also easier to compare prices here. However, the most important thing is that an infrared cabin meets the requirements that are important to oneself.


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