How useful is a sweat belt for burning fat?

What is a sweat belt or abdominal belt and how exactly does it work? In this article, we explain what such abdominal belts really bring.
What is the benefit of a sweat belt?

What is the benefit of a sweat belt?

Unfortunately, eaten too much, but no time for training. Or else no desire. Who does not know this? Why not reach for a sweat belt and let those pesky love handles simply melt away? What is the truth behind the promises of so-called belly-flattening belts? Find out more about it here and whether the purchase of a sweat belt is really worth it.

Sweat belts against belly fat?

Imagine you come home in the evening and are looking forward to an evening of television. The chips and the beer are already ready. Now you quickly put on your sweat belt to melt away those pesky love handles – because you’re going to the lake on the weekend. Too good to be true? Manufacturers and distributors of sweat belts, or slimming belts, or belly-flattening belts claim just that. Truth or myth?

The products are offered in Internet stores or in advertisements and belong to the bestsellers in the category “fitness”. Supposedly, they enhance natural sweating, removing toxins from the body and excess water. The promise: Increased fitness, better circulation and a finer complexion.

How do sweat belts work?

Sweat belts are made from a blend of neoprene, nylon and Lycal. Due to the heat that is generated under the neoprene, you start to sweat. The belt is comfortable to wear in everyday life and also during sports – just wear it under your everyday or sports clothes. Sweat belt can be easily washed by hand. Due to the heat generated when wearing the sweat belt, the body loses water and this makes the belly look flatter.

What does science say?

Sports scientist Professor Dr. Stephan Geisler from IST University is skeptical. In his opinion, the perception that a sweat belt burns belly fat is purely subjective. The expert is certain: “Local heat definitely does not lead to higher fat burning.” Also the calorie consumption is not stimulated by the warmth, he means. In fact, that would be more the case with cold.

How exactly does a sweat belt work?

Whether a sweat belt works or not, over it the spirits divide. While some are enthusiastic, others are skeptical.

The fact is: even a sweat belt is not a miracle cure. The belt does have a positive effect on the abdominal girth, but you have to do something about it yourself. A sweat belt is by no means a miracle weapon.

The sweat belts made of neoprene are much wider than normal belts and cover the whole waist. With the Velcro closure, they can be adjusted to fit any waist size up to about 120 cm, covering the entire waist circumference. Sweat belts are comfortable to wear and support the lower back. The tighter the belt fits, the faster you start sweating.

Does a sweat belt make you lose weight around the belly?

Under a sweat belt you get sweaty quickly and the body loses water and you are slimmer and lighter. Unfortunately, it is not true that a sweat belt burns fat and makes it melt away. However, sweating stimulates blood circulation and metabolism and this can also have positive effects on belly fat in the long run.

The best thing to do is: wear the sweat belt every now and then while exercising and eating a balanced diet.


WIN.MAX abdominal belt

After only a short time of wearing it, you will feel the increased heat on your abdomen and start sweating. The metabolism is boosted by the sweat belt and thus the fat burning is promoted. Whether jogging, cycling or weight training. The belt can be easily worn under or over clothing. The fitness belt also improves posture, keeps the back comfortably warm and thus prevents possible injuries.

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