Goosebumps in the hot sauna – Why this happens and no need to worry

Have you ever gotten goose bumps when entering a hot sauna and wondered what was behind it? In this article, you will learn the fascinating explanation for this phenomenon and discover the role that the sensory cells and receptors in our skin play in it.
Goosebumps in the hot sauna: the unexpected phenomenon explained
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Goosebumps in the hot sauna: the unexpected phenomenon explained

If you get goosebumps when you enter a hot sauna, you are by no means alone. This is a common phenomenon that occurs in many people, but often causes confusion. Why do we get goose bumps when we are in the heat of the sauna, while they normally come from the cold?

Goosebumps in the sauna: an unexpected reaction of our sensory cells

The answer is simple and amazing: In our skin there are various sensory cells, also called receptors, which are responsible for temperature perception. There are many more cold receptors than heat receptors in our skin. When you enter the hot sauna, a very strong stimulus hits the multitude of cold receptors, namely the hot air. This stimulus is initially misinterpreted and responded to as a cold reaction, leading to the development of goose bumps. This process is completely harmless and passes very quickly because our body quickly classifies the stimuli correctly.

So there’s nothing unusual or alarming about getting goosebumps when you enter a hot sauna. On the contrary, it is a normal physical process that shows that our body reacts to stimuli and wants to protect us from cold.


In summary, goosebumps in a hot sauna are a normal physical process caused by the overreaction of the cold receptors in our skin. It can be surprising, but it is completely harmless and passes quickly. So you can fully enjoy your sauna bath without worrying about this phenomenon.

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