Embarrassing moments in the sauna

Unpleasant experiences are an integral part of life. They happen to you and me and everyone else from time to time. Knowing that they can happen at any time, we have to deal with them every day. Now indulge in a little schadenfreude as you read the following embarrassing stories from other people's lives.
Embarrassing, funny and bizarre experiences in the sauna

Embarrassing, funny and bizarre experiences in the sauna

The sauna is a place where the most diverse people meet naturally and undisguised. It is only logical that this also leads to embarrassing, crazy and unique situations. Our readers have shared a few of these experiences with us. If you have also had such experiences and would like to tell about them… then send us an e-mail with the subject “
Embarrassing moments in the sauna
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Friedrich, 52: Naked in Hungary
I regularly go to the sauna at home and never think anything of the fact that I and all the other people are just naked. For me, this is quite natural and going to the sauna with undressing and showering beforehand is already automatic for me. Then I was on vacation in Hungary with friends and in our resort there was also a public sauna. I was happy to be able to take regular saunas during the two weeks just like I do at home. So I went there, undressed and showered and went into the sauna completely lost in thought. Also honestly didn’t notice that all the other guests had bathing suits on or towels around! Until I was then approached by the employee who was doing the infusion. First in Hungarian, until I could clarify that only English was possible. He then had to awkwardly explain to me in makeshift English that you don’t go naked to the sauna in Hungary. By the time I finally understood his English, several guests were already complaining loudly about me around us.

Jennifer, 35: Circulatory system blowout
I went alone to the sauna of our swimming pool. As soon as I walked in, I noticed a great man who was just my type. Because I am proud of my body, I was not ashamed to make eye contact naked. He soon noticed me too and smiled. I wanted to show off a bit in front of him and sat all the way up during the 60 degree infusion. So far, I’ve mostly only been in 45 degrees or very briefly at 60 degrees on the low end. It was a mistake to pretend to be so sauna-savvy, because when I stood up after the infusion, I suddenly felt extremely dizzy. I couldn’t sit down again in time and actually fainted. Unfortunately, I wasn’t caught by the hot guy (who was sitting a bit away), but by a corpulent, older woman. She held me tightly so that I wouldn’t fall any further. But by the time I was conscious and clear-headed again, the object of my desire had already left the sauna. I guess he figured I was in good hands or that the lady was my mother.

Maja, 31: The soccer team from the photo shoot
I am a self-employed photographer and was booked for a shoot by a local soccer team. The appointment went very well, the young men were all very nice and fun. A few days later I visited the swimming pool in the same place and when I unsuspectingly entered the sauna and looked around, I thought: somehow everyone here really looks familiar. There were about half a dozen young men inside and they were all staring at me. I am not unattractive, but that all men at the same time can not take their eyes off me, was already a new experience. At some point, it occurred to all of us at the same time where we knew each other from: It was a large part of the team with whom I had the shooting. They were very happy to see me again and then so completely unveiled! I was glad that this meeting didn’t happen to me before the shoot, because then the appointment might have been really cramped. So at least the embarrassing moment only lasted a few minutes.

Lotte, 23: The bleeding hair phenomenon
I tint my hair every now and then in different colors. I also use different brands and always rely on the fact that they will already be good products. So far, I have only been disappointed once, and of course at the most inopportune time. I had a new boyfriend and we went to the sauna together for the first time. Because everything was still so fresh, I wanted to surprise him with red hair. He loves red hair on women! So I tinted it the day before and he was really happy about it. In the sauna I leaned against him and put my head on his shoulder. Of course, I felt water flowing down my neck and throat, but mistook it for sweat. Until a woman came in and started screaming loudly. She pointed at us and stuttered whether he would not notice that he was bleeding badly and that you could not go to the sauna with a fresh wound! The other sauna visitors then also jumped up and backed away in horror. It was only then that I saw that my red hair color had run in rivulets down his arm and shoulder to his ribs. It actually looked like he was bleeding really bad. Convincing those present that the color came from my hair took a while, and everyone was only really convinced after a staff member closely examined my friend for injuries.

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Christian, 43: For the date in the shower
Actually, I’m not a very easy-going guy and rather shy on the road. I rarely dare to approach a woman I like. I already know that about myself and that’s why I enjoy eye contact and flirting with a look and a smile, but that’s all it ever becomes. Only once I actually managed it, and then on the most incredible occasion: under the mixed shower of the sauna! I had already noticed the woman in the locker rooms and we had exchanged smiles. As chance would have it, we were then standing right next to each other in the shower. And somehow all shyness suddenly fell off me, because I thought to myself: We are both standing here naked, what should still be embarrassing? It was kind of a natural and honest thing to approach them. I even dared to ask if she wanted to have a beer together later. She said yes, we had a great day together and a few weeks later I introduced her to my circle of friends. No one wanted to believe us where we had met.

Markus, 34: Born in the sauna
This story did not happen to me, but to my mother-in-law – but it is so extraordinary that I simply must tell it! In fact, she was born in a sauna. At the time, her mother was in labor for many hours, still far apart, and it seemed like the birth would drag on for a long time. Because she had trouble relaxing, she went to the sauna. It was near the clinic and she opted for the lowest temperature and a relaxing infusion. She was also a regular sauna goer and knew she would get some rest there. But she could not have guessed how much she would actually relax. The temperature and her improved mental state seemed to contribute to the fact that the birth then progressed very quickly. The contractions came suddenly shortly after each other and the emergency doctor called to the scene found that there was not even time to drive to the nearby clinic. The sauna was cleared of onlookers and a makeshift bed of towels was straightened on the floor. And then my mother-in-law actually gave birth a few minutes later right in the sauna. A small plaque in the sauna still commemorates this unique story.

Annika, 21: An unwanted surprise
I think every woman who regularly goes to the sauna can tell similar stories. Every now and then, unfortunately, you meet men who use the sauna session to stare at naked women. This one time, however, together with a friend, I managed to make an actually quite fun thing out of it. We entered the sauna together and there was only one person sitting in it. It was a middle-aged man who seemed pleased that we had joined. We didn’t pay any further attention to him and didn’t think anything of it. He then tightened his knees after a while, which seemed to us to be a very strange and unrelaxed posture. But to each his own, we thought. Until we realized why he was sitting so funny. He wanted to hide the fact that he was apparently very happy about the sight of our naked bodies. Now, of course, he could have just looked the other way so that his best piece would come off again. But instead, he decided to continue staring at us intently, probably to get as much out of the short time as possible. Probably because the two of us felt superior, we then couldn’t help but just laugh out loud. We laughed until we almost fell off the bench and that hit him hard. He got up and walked out, clearly no longer in an excited state at all due to our laughter.

Kurt, 56: More relaxed than expected
For me, the sauna is a place of relaxation, where all worries and stress fall away from you. That’s why I try to go to the sauna at least once a week. The other day, unfortunately, I only managed to squeeze a sauna visit into my schedule right after work at the end of the week. But I didn’t want to let him take it away from me, although I was actually totally exhausted and would have been more ready for my bed. Now for me, I can really sleep anywhere when I’m overtired. That’s why I actually dozed off as soon as I sat on the bench and the infusion started. There were some visitors there, which is probably why no one noticed me. I was woken up by the employee, who pointed out that I should not stay any longer for the sake of my circulation. Not knowing how long I had been asleep in the sauna, she insisted on accompanying me to the shower and locker rooms. She was worried that I might faint at any moment.

Britta, 36: The lost key
Imagine a really crowded sauna, where people sit close together. And me in the middle of it. With my typical luck, of course, something unpleasant happens exactly to me! The locker key falls from a towel through the crack of the wooden bench all the way to the back under the bench. And the men can clearly see how much they are looking forward to the fact that I’m about to have to bend way down to get him out of there. Fortunately, a woman gives me the tip that there is a broom outside the sauna with which I can fish out the key. That was still embarrassing, but at least I got it back standing up and didn’t have to slide around naked on all fours in the sauna. The gentlemen present were naturally very disappointed. And I to a person never so grateful as this woman!

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