Why sauna?

Why regular sauna visits improve overall health

Regular sauna use brings many health benefits. Sauna visits stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and improve endurance. In this article, we will look at how regular sauna visits can improve overall health.

With medication in the sauna?

Can I go to the sauna with antibiotics?

Even the most diligent sauna-goer gets sick sometimes. Not infrequently, the doctor prescribes an antibiotic against the disease. But can I actually use it in the sauna or do I have to do without the sauna during this time?

A visit to the Sanarium® is good for the heart and circulation

What is a Sanarium®?

Gentle saunas are in vogue. And quite rightly so. After all, the gentle heat has many health benefits. The Sanarium® is a modification of the classic Finnish sauna. In the Sanarium®, the decisive difference from the Finnish sauna is a lower regulated temperature and humidity.

Why wear a sauna felt hat in the sauna?

What is a sauna fedora?

The felt hats worn in the sauna look a bit strange. But they have a great benefit. What is the purpose of the sauna felt hat? Are there differences between the individual models? What felt hats are suitable for the sauna? We answer these and other questions in this article.

Can I go to the sauna with a pacemaker?

With a pacemaker in the sauna?

Especially in the winter time, many people are drawn to the sauna for relaxation. In principle, the sauna stay is also highly recommended. It strengthens the cardiovascular and immune systems. But what about patients who already have heart disease and wear a pacemaker? Are they allowed in the sauna and if so, under what conditions?

Sweating has a cleansing effect for the skin

Did you know that when the human body gets too hot, it automatically turns on its own air conditioning system? This is called sweating. The water released by the body through the skin eventually evaporates, bringing your core temperature back to the usual 98,6 °F. In this way, our body and skin are protected from overheating. We have summarized more exciting facts in this article.

Sauna yoga at mild temperatures

Sauna Yoga, a new trend?

Can this be? Should we really be exercising in the sweat room? The answer is a resounding yes. After all, the contortions in the warm are just in the metropolises of these hard hip. And that is no coincidence. We reveal to you everything about gymnastics on wood. Above all, we’ll tell you why it’s so healthy.

Lulur massage - beauty massage against wrinkles

Lulur massage – What is it?

A traditional ritual thousands of years old finds its way into today’s wellness with the Lulur massage. The application includes several steps. First, there is a massage with nourishing oils, followed by exfoliation. This is followed by a nourishing mask and finally, as a crowning finale, a fragrant flower bath. In this way, the Lulur massage is a benefit for body and mind. It provides the skin with nutrients, promotes beauty, relaxes and helps relieve stress.

Sauna bathing in autumn

Autumn calls for sauna

The days are getting colder, the leaves are turning yellow and the need for warmth is increasing. How nice it is to sit on wooden benches and enjoy the cozy warmth. Afterward, perhaps recharge your batteries in the whirlpool for a few minutes.

Conscious breathing can lower blood pressure, relieve pain and reduce anxiety

Respiratory therapy

The way we breathe has a great impact on the quality of our lives. We take it for granted, and yet the habits we form throughout our lives in the way we breathe determine our health. Respiratory therapy is designed to promote a healthier level of self-awareness, conscious living and creative expression.

Sauna with Finnish touch

The Finns and their sauna

In Finland, sauna is part of the way of life and that’s why they can’t get enough of it. It is used for personal hygiene, political diplomacy, relaxation or occasionally for business meetings.

Why sauna is healthy even in summer

Sauna in summer

Sweating allowed – even in summer. Summer sauna is becoming increasingly popular and is also healthy. So if you want to strengthen your immune system, you should take a sauna at any time of the year. For a freshness kick in the summer provides the dry heat in the sauna and physical rest and mental relaxation.

Sauna and diet - is it possible?

Sauna and diets

Can the heat in the sauna really melt the fat? No. That would also be too good to be true. You do indeed lose a few kilos through sweating – but that’s just water. Already after the next meal or the next drink the scale shows the same value again.

What type of sauna is right for me?

Sauna types: Which sauna suits me?

A regular visit to the sauna strengthens the immune system, improves the skin and can even lower blood pressure. But before visiting a sauna, the question always arises: Which types of sauna suit me? In the following article, the different types of saunas are explained in more detail and their benefits and healing effects are described.

Sweat again!

Sweat yourself healthy!

Sauna users get more out of life: Regular sauna visits are healthy. Because it ensures clean skin, has a relaxing effect on our muscles and balances the psyche. But the most important thing is that a visit to the sauna strengthens the body’s defenses.

How to meditate in the sauna

Instruction: Proper meditation in the sauna

Meditating in the sauna sounds unusual at first. But on closer inspection you will notice the connections and positive effects, what exactly mediation is, how you can learn it and what are the benefits of meditating in the sauna, you will read in the following part.

Sauna is body care in a natural way

The natural way: body care through saunas

The terms sweat and beauty combined in one sentence are for most people actually just a rough description for particularly strenuous sport. You can already do a lot for your body care by just sitting on a towel regularly. We admit that sounds a bit trite. But it’s actually true: regular saunas are like an appointment with the beautician! You don’t believe that? Then you should read the following text carefully.

Do not be afraid of the first visit to the sauna

Sauna for beginners

The first time in the sauna? Sauna novices often panic before their first time in the sauna because they do not know how to behave. We provide assistance for your first visit to the sauna.

Fit for the cold season? Strengthen immune system with sauna and vitamins

Cold and sniffles season – time for vitamin C and sauna

Regular sauna sessions train the vascular system and the stimulus between heat and cold provides a perfect immune defense. This way, colds and flus don’t stand a chance. The mucous membranes are better supplied with blood through the sauna session and the organism can better eliminate harmful substances, but also harmful germs. These health benefits for the prevention of colds apply to all types of saunas.

A hay sauna makes you sweat and smells deliciously of alpine meadow

What is a hay sauna?

A particularly beneficial variant of the sauna bath is the hay sauna. As an alternative to the classic Finnish sauna, the hay sauna is particularly suitable for sweating in a way that is easy on the circulation. A mild climate in the sauna cabin of the bio-heat sauna not only has a calming, relaxing effect and serves to purify, but is also gentle on the circulation.

Can I go to the sauna with hemorrhoids

Can I go to the sauna with hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a common condition that people don’t like to talk about. The symptoms are accompanied by itching, burning and blood in the stool. Do you like to go to the sauna? Then you are probably wondering if this is possible with a hemorrhoid problem. We would like to get to the bottom of this question here.

Hot Stone Massage - This is how relaxing the massage technique really is

Hot Stone Massage

What ancient Chinese healing knowledge is in the hot stone massages? Massage with hot stones has a very long tradition. From distant lands, this massage art was passed down 2000 years ago.

Deep breathing prevents colds

Breathing in the sauna

The hot sauna air we inhale stimulates blood circulation in the nose and throat. But where does the feeling come from that you breathe in heavier in the sauna. And can the hot sauna air be harmful to the respiratory tract? We investigate this question and clarify.

Relaxation techniques & relaxation exercises to recharge your batteries

Relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques can help you in many situations. Whether you’re under a lot of stress or battling anxiety in your day-to-day life. Even children can benefit from relaxation techniques. Because even the little ones are already rushing through your everyday life. Just think about the long hours at school, all the homework and the pressure to perform. We now present four techniques that you can learn in no time and easily apply.

Can I go to the sauna if I have neurodermatitis?

With neurodermatitis in the sauna?

Sauna sessions have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and the body’s defenses. In addition, our skin benefits in many ways from the hot and cold stimuli. Should people with neurodermatitis therefore also go to the sauna regularly?

Pantai Luar Massage - A touch of exoticism

Pantai Luar Massage

Pantai Luar is Indonesian and means “on new shores”. During this massage the masseur uses herbal stamps with essential oils. The aim of the application is to stimulate blood circulation. Muscle tensions are thus released and the psychological well-being is increased.

What types of saunas are suitable for sweating away skin impurities?

Simply sweat away acne and pimples

Generally, going to the sauna is not a problem if you have acne – on the contrary. It stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. Apart from a towel to lie down on, you should have another towel with you to wipe off the sweat – a small towel will do here.