What is a mixed sauna?

If you want to visit a sauna, you may come across the term "mixed sauna". Especially for beginners, this is often followed by a surprise when they find themselves in a room and realize that both women and men are present.
Even in a mixed sauna there are rules!

What characterizes a mixed sauna?

  • Cross-gender use: Mixed saunas are accessible to both genders, so men and women can sauna together.
  • Cultural acceptance: In some countries and cultures, especially in parts of Europe and Scandinavia, mixed saunas are widespread and socially accepted.
  • Different dress codes: Mixed saunas may have different dress codes, from nudity to the use of towels or swimwear, depending on local norms and personal preferences.

Even in a mixed sauna, there are rules!

While same-sex saunas are particularly widespread in Great Britain and the USA, mixed saunas are common in Germany, Austria, or Scandinavia. Therefore, mixed saunas for both sexes should be expected, especially in public saunas, such as spas, hotels, or gyms.

The mixed sauna – what is it exactly?

In the mixed sauna, women and men relax at the same time – and very often at the same time. It can happen that in the same sauna there are also areas that are intended only for women or men, but this is always individual. However, mixed does not mean nude sauna. There are mixed saunas in which towels or bathing suits are compulsory.

Sometimes, however, there are times for one and the same public sauna cabin that are reserved specifically for men or women. So you take turns and each gender gets the opportunity to be among themselves. If you don’t feel very comfortable in a mixed sauna and can’t relax properly, you should choose an appropriate cabin with time regulation.

Proper behavior in the mixed sauna

For some people, visiting a mixed sauna is associated with a sinking feeling at the beginning. This is because both men and women of all ages can be in it. However, you should be aware that experienced sauna-goers know exactly how to behave in mixed saunas – you can take a good cue from them. There are hardly any critical looks, usually people greet each other briefly with a nod of the head and everyone saunas on their own. The nudity or appearance of other sauna visitors is not judged or commented on – so it is also frowned upon to stare at other visitors. So you don’t have to worry about being watched by others in a mixed sauna.

Therefore, it is best to visit a mixed sauna as a newcomer without any reservations. After all, unlike a nudist beach, it tends to be dark in the sauna. So there’s always your own towel, which you can wrap around your upper and lower body at any time to feel a little more covered.


Melanie Sommer
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