What is a facial sauna?

A facial sauna, or also called a facial steam bath, is a great and inexpensive way to get rid of skin impurities. After one application, the skin feels smooth and supple.
Facial sauna against pimples, blackheads and blemished skin

Facial sauna against pimples, blackheads and impure skin

What is a facial sauna? Strictly speaking, a facial sauna is actually a steam bath. The small technical devices make use of grandma’s knowledge. For centuries, women have sworn by holding their faces over steam. In the past, this was quite an elaborate affair.

A bowl had to be provided, water had to be boiled, just to be able to enjoy five minutes of steam. A short pleasure. Above all, all the utensils had to be cleaned and stowed away again. Today, the ladies of creation have it much easier. There are numerous devices to buy in the trade, which relieve you of this work. We will tell you how they work.

Success can be seen the first time

First and foremost, the facial sauna will help you rid your skin of impurities. The hot steam widens your pores. At the same time, you will get quite sweaty during the application. The sweat then washes away the skin impurities. You will feel the effect already after the first time.

For example, light blackheads disappear after just a few minutes. For larger pimples, however, you will have to enjoy the procedure more often. But even they can be defeated by the hot steam. For stubborn pimples, you should treat yourself to a facial sauna treatment about once or twice a week.

Facial sauna for skin care

In addition, the steam cranks up the circulation in your face. The heat causes the vessels to dilate. After the treatment, the body cools down again – and the vessels contract again. The result will convince you: a rosy complexion develops after just a few minutes.

Do not be alarmed if your face is quite red immediately after the treatment. This is perfectly normal and will disappear within a few minutes. If you use the facial sauna regularly for skin care, your complexion will be permanently improved. At the same time, the deep cleansing provides an even complexion.

Aromatherapy with the facial sauna

And of course, treat yourself to precious hours of relaxation and recreation with your new beauty helper. Especially if you enrich the water with essential oils. This is easily possible with most devices. To take advantage of the unique properties of oils, it is recommended to select them according to his skin type.

  • For sensitive skin – chamomile, lavender or yellow sandalwood.
  • Aged or dry skin – lemon balm, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, lavender or rosewood.
  • To tone tired skin – damask or rosemary.
  • To treat acne – Atlas cedar or eucalyptus.
  • Oily skin – rosemary, geranium, eucalyptus or rosewood.

Regular use of a facial sauna can counteract wrinkles and effectively remove existing ones. It also prevents premature aging of the skin. For an oily skin, one session per week is recommended. For dry and aged skin, two sessions per month are sufficient.

However, pay attention to possible intolerances when choosing essential oils for your facial sauna. In pregnancy or in case of illness, these oils can cause side effects. In case of hypersensitivities and allergies, an allergy patch test (skin test) should be performed. This type of skin care is not suitable for rosacea patients. Please read the safety instructions on the packaging carefully.

Facial sauna in battery mode

The application of almost all models is completely trouble-free. You just need to fill a certain amount of water into the designated opening and turn on the device. In most cases, a power source must be nearby. However, in the trade, you can already find the first copies with battery operation. With them, you can enjoy steaming wherever you want.


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