What are the must-have Hamam products?

All hammam treatments contain the same active ingredients that oriental women have been using for decades to care for their skin and hair. Learn in this article the many ways in which you can use this remarkable natural cosmetic to your advantage.
Hamam bath nourishes skin and hair

What are the must-have products for the hammam?

Hammam undoubtedly affects the condition of our skin. Using a horsehair glove and black soap for exfoliation is another common method of traditional skin care. The gentle heat and steam stimulate perspiration, which washes away pollutants and dead skin cells from the epidermis and promotes the growth of new cells. The results of a Hammam treatment are immediately noticeable, leaving the skin feeling cleaner and softer.

Rhassoul, the oriental beauty secret

Rhassoul, sometimes called “Ghassoul”, is a clay whose name comes from the Arabic “Ghassala”, which means “to wash”. This clay has been used in traditional Moroccan beauty products since the 13th century because it purifies the skin by removing impurities and balancing sebum production. Used as a mask, Rhassoul softens and smoothes the skin in preparation for exfoliation, leaving the skin feeling clean and radiant. When used on the hair, it makes it thicker and stronger.

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The black soap, the star in the hammam

Black soap, which originated in North Africa, is a very effective natural cleanser and gentle exfoliant. It is a paste, when moistened, becomes a thick, creamy consistency with little foaming. The product contains olive oil and crushed black olives, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin. After a few minutes of application, the mask is massaged in with a horsehair glove and the skin is washed off with lukewarm water. This is the best way to prepare the skin for a rhassoul mask, which is known for its cleansing effect.

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The horsehair glove for perfect exfoliation

Gloves made of horsehair, also known as kessa, sisal or loofah, are an exfoliating tool that can help achieve smooth, healthy skin. Despite its gritty appearance, it is non-irritating and promotes skin health by encouraging circulation and cellular exchange. It also reduces the appearance of cellulite. The horsehair glove coated with black soap used in the hammam is an essential part of the cleansing and exfoliating process.

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Argan oil, the youth care of the hammam

The argan tree, from which argan oil is extracted, is native only to southwestern Morocco and western Algeria. The uses of the oil go far beyond culinary and aesthetic applications. It has antioxidant properties, promotes cell regeneration, moisturizes the skin and can be used for massage, facials, hair care and body care. To maximize the benefits of your hammam sessions, incorporate a tablespoon or two of argan oil into your routine.

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Additional essential oils for sensuality and relaxation

Essential oils are effective plant extracts that have been refined in their purest form. They usually have a very pleasant aroma, and their benefits are as varied as the plants themselves. By adding a few drops of essential oils to a treatment, we improve its effectiveness tenfold and give a seductive scent to products that normally smell neutral (such as argan oil, rhassoul or black soap). Time spent relaxing and reflecting in the hammam is time well spent.

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