Wedge techniques in the sauna

Waving in the sauna serves a specific purpose. It intensifies the scents of aromatic oils that are used thanks to the infusion.
What is the purpose of frond techniques in the sauna?

What is the purpose of the sauna frisking techniques?

Meanwhile, sauna masters are not the only ones who know correct waving techniques. Private sauna owners also practice wiggling. This is a synonym of wagging. After all, the laws of physics dominate in the heat cabin. Evaporation causes cold. Thus, the heat temperature decreases. However, the goal in the sauna is to keep the temperature as high as possible. This can be increased using various methods.

The infusion produces the familiar sauna steam. This in turn turns into a precipitate, which is deposited on the skin of the sauna visitor. During this process, heat energy is released. However, it has been previously consumed during evaporation on the glowing sauna rocks.

Cooling for the body

Sweat, which forms on the largest sensory organ of the sauna guests, takes over the natural cooling function. However, when the humidity in the room increases abruptly, the cooling effect takes a break. As a result, sauna guests are briefly overcome by the feeling of a rise in temperature. However, the thermometer hanging in the room does not confirm this effect. This process has proven to be beneficial during waving.

When the towel or fan flies through the air, the compensation layer of temperature on the skin of the sauna guests rises. It is also called the insulation layer. This is between four and eight millimeters thick. Thanks to the process, the heat transfer on the skin surface no longer decreases. Therefore, sauna lovers at this moment feel the heat cabin as an even hotter place.

Wedel techniques for private sauna

Wedel technique, which bears the name propeller, belongs to the most popular type of wedeling. In the small private sauna, sauna fans are sufficient for this purpose. However, the wedel technique plays a minor role. The main goal is the optimal distribution of the infusion steam.

Saunagut® infusion fan ash tree

Saunagut® Aufgussfächer Esche Standard, Farbe:Hellbraun

Types of frond techniques

In practice, the sail technique as well as the propeller technique dominate. In addition, there are other techniques. However, these by no means have a significant designation. All sauna masters create their own techniques. They use the method of trial and error. In this way, they continuously adapt their techniques.

Wedeling ritual in the sauna

Sauna masters can tell whether a particular technique is well received by the facial expressions of their guests. The show effect plays the main role in this context. There is no fancy wagging technique. The aim is to destroy the aforementioned insulating layer and in this way intensify the guests’ sensation of warmth. Thus, there is no correct or undesirable wedeling technique. Everything is allowed, which is felt with pleasure by the sauna visitors.

Differences are reflected in the heat sensation. However, the temperature level depends on the type of sauna. High heat characterizes russian heat cabins. 100 degrees Celsius (212 °F) are the rule in these wellness oases. For this reason, sauna visitors usually do not need heat increase in this type of sauna.

In addition, beating with birch twigs also achieves the increase in heat effect shown. However, this method is rarely used in practice. After all, the birch twigs belong to the Finnish heat oasis. That is why they do not enjoy frond use.

The secret lies in regular practice

In the sauna, aesthetics and frond technique are interrelated. Those who come into contact with wagging for the first time start with the propeller. This technique scores with its simplicity. After the infusion, sauna masters perform a circular movement under the ceiling with the appropriate wagging cloth. In this way, the steam travels to the lower areas. It thus fills the entire cabin. However, this wagging technique should be performed considerately. Small rooms require careful wagging.

Sauna Wedel Cloth

Angebot Finnsa Sauna Wedeltuch

The sail technique is among the gentler forms of wagging. The cloth acts as a taut sail. Then, sauna masters alternately move it back and forth sideways. This movement distributes the steam in a gentle way in the room. Meanwhile, the sense of smell experiences a unique stimulation. Sauna fans work in a similar way. Lightly fanning movements not only distribute the infusion steam in the heat cabin, but also slightly rearrange the warm air.

Finnsa infusion waffle sail

Finnsa Aufguss-Wedelsegel Aufguss Wedeltuch 70 x 70 cm 1798

Combinations of the different frond techniques

Combinations of the frond techniques enjoy great popularity among sauna guests. This is due to their aesthetics. A rehearsed choreography not only looks good, but also provides different redistribution of warm air. If the heat cabin has a sufficient size, sauna masters perform propeller techniques not only above their heads, but also around the body.

Moreover, propeller movements are not the only form of movement. Circles or the infinity sign guarantee optimal redistribution of hot air. In addition, they score points with their special appearance. In terms of variety, there are no limits. The secret lies in regular practice as well as constant experimentation.

Infusion vane for high air movement

The frond vane also provides ample room for experimentation. It is simple to use and yet effectively shifts the air in the room. Sauna masters wave the flag back and forth. Wedel flags are especially suitable for high air movements.

Alternative for small rooms – the frond ring

People who prefer a simple wagging technique without a big effort use a wagging ring. This is a special infusion wag ring, the diameter of which is 60 centimeters. In addition, the ring has a practical terry cover. This frond tool does not require any effort. Fancy wedeling techniques are equally unnecessary when using the wedel ring. However, this tool will work in any sauna.

Sauna Wedelring small

Sauna Wedelring klein - Wedeltuch für einfache Aufgüsse...

All the wedel tools allow for different wedeling techniques. They provide different rearrangements of the heat. The choice of the wedel object depends on the preferences of the sauna guests and the masters.

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