The most popular facial steamers for healthy and clean skin

Our skin has to endure a lot on a daily basis, especially in crowded cities, where it is exposed to above-average pollution and extreme temperatures caused by central heating and capricious weather. By using a facial steamer, we can give back a lot of good to our skin. In this way, you can rid the complexion of dirt, oil and makeup, which over time have accumulated in the skin cells, where they lead to pimples and blackheads.
The facial sauna enables intensive skin care

What does a facial steamer do?

Facial steamer for intensive skin care and inhalation. Steaming the face removes impurities from under the skin’s surface, which has always been used to make the skin look younger. It also stimulates blood circulation, sloughs off dead skin cells and loosens blackheads. Regular use of facial sauna can counteract wrinkles and effectively remove existing wrinkles. At the same time, it prevents premature aging of the skin.

Use as an inhaler

The use of steam brings even more advantages. The steam inhaler gently supplies the nose, sinuses, mouth, and throat with fine mist, providing noticeable relief. At the same time, germs, allergens and pollutants are completely removed. It provides fast, natural and drug-free relief for allergies, congested sinuses, sinus pain, dryness, colds, and flu. If you add some essential oils or herbs to the water, you can benefit from the soothing effects of aromatic oils.

How to use a facial steamer

Using a facial steamer at home is a fairly simple process. For those who are using a facial steamer for the first time, we’ve put together some basic instructions to make steaming your face easier.

  1. For best results, cleanse your face and remove makeup before using the facial steamer.
  2. Fill the steamer with distilled water. Do not use tap water, as it might contain some harmful ingredients that can negatively affect your skin. Moreover, distilled water keeps the device clean and prevents damage.
  3. Your face should not be steamed for more than 10 minutes. Too much steam directly on your face can do it more harm than good. You should steam for 2 to 3 minutes at a time, with a 1-minute break in between, to observe how your skin handles the steam.
  4. You can also add tea or essential oils to the facial steamer. Eucalyptus helps with nasal congestion, coughs, acne, and the common cold. Chamomile soothes irritated skin. Lavender has a calming effect and helps with insomnia. Tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect and is ideal for pimples or acne breakouts. Clary sage has proven effective for oily skin and restoring pH balance. Rosemary reduces oiliness of the skin and sebum that clogs pores.
  5. After steaming your face, blot it with a clean towel. Since your skin is particularly sensitive afterward, do not irritate it by rubbing it with a towel.

Frequently asked questions

When should I not use the facial steamer?

If you suffer from rosacea, it is better to avoid facial steaming. The heat dilates the blood vessels, which leads to redness of the skin. Even though the steam bath can moisturize the skin, people with very dry skin and eczema should be especially careful. Limit use to a few minutes to avoid irritation.

Is it safe to use a facial steamer?

When designing a facial steamer, all necessary precautions were taken to ensure the safety of your face. However, if you are concerned about skin irregularities, you should consult your doctor even before you start using it.

How often can you steam your face?

If possible, no more than once a week. Steaming too often can cause irritation and damage the skin by burning it.

Which facial steamer is the best?

A majority of products are certified and go through a testing process before they hit the market. Therefore, it is difficult to recommend just one particular device. For your personal use, a small to medium-sized facial steamer might suffice, taking into account the power consumption and cost of the available options.


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