The best infusions for the winter sauna: soothing scents and warmth in the cold season

Are you looking for a way to warm up from the inside and do something good for your body during the cold season? The winter sauna is the perfect choice!
Why winter sauna?
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Why winter sauna?

Winter sauna is a wonderful way to warm up from the inside during the cold season and do something good for the body. The interaction of heat and cold strengthens the immune system and relaxes the body. In this article, you will learn which infusions are best suited for the winter sauna and how you can create the perfect feel-good atmosphere with different scents and aromas.

Eucalyptus: refreshing and liberating

Eucalyptus is a classic sauna infusion that is particularly suitable for winter saunas. Thanks to its refreshing and liberating effect on the respiratory tract, eucalyptus helps prevent colds and relieve symptoms. In a study, it was proven that eucalyptus oil has antibacterial properties and thus supports the immune system. So an infusion of eucalyptus is not only soothing, but also beneficial to health.

Citrus fruits: invigorating and mood-lifting

Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons or grapefruits are also excellent for the winter sauna. They have an invigorating and mood-lifting effect, which is especially pleasant during the dark season. In addition, citrus oils have an antiviral effect, which strengthens the immune system and prevents colds. So a citrus oil is an ideal choice to refresh your body and mind.

Fir and spruce: Forest atmosphere for the sauna

The essential oils of fir and spruce create a pleasant forest atmosphere in the sauna, which provides peace and relaxation, especially in the winter season. The scents of conifers have a calming effect on the respiratory system and can relieve colds and bronchitis. So a fir or spruce infusion is ideal for making your winter sauna feel like a walk in the woods.

Cinnamon and clove: Warming spices for cozy hours

Cinnamon and clove are spices that provide warmth and well-being, especially during the Christmas season. They can also unfold their beneficial properties in the sauna. Cinnamon has a warming effect and promotes circulation, while cloves have a relaxing effect. A cinnamon or clove infusion is therefore a nice addition to the winter sauna and ensures cozy hours.

Lavender: calming and relaxing

Lavender is another classic sauna infusion and is also well suited for winter saunas. The calming and relaxing properties of lavender oil help to calm down in the sauna and leave the stress of everyday life behind. A lavender infusion is therefore an excellent choice to relax your body and mind during the cold season.

Conclusion: The right mixture makes the difference

The best infusions for winter saunas are those that strengthen the immune system, clear the respiratory tract, and provide a sense of well-being. A blend of refreshing, soothing and warming scents such as eucalyptus, citrus, fir and spruce, cinnamon and clove, and lavender creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and health-promoting sauna hours. Try different infusions and find out which one you like best.


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