The award of the German Sauna Association: A seal of quality for first-class sauna operations

The German Sauna Association awards a special seal of approval that recognizes the highest quality and outstanding standards in sauna businesses. This award is a coveted seal of quality and stands for first-class sauna experiences. We will give you an insight into the significance and strict criteria of this coveted award and help you find outstanding sauna establishments that have received the coveted seal of approval from the German Sauna Association 2023.
The certification of the German Sauna Association for outstanding sauna facilities
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The certification of the German Sauna Association for outstanding sauna facilities

In times when people’s health and well-being are becoming increasingly important, many are looking for high-quality wellness facilities that offer them relaxation and recreation. Sauna facilities play a particularly important role here, as they not only promote physical regeneration, but also provide a mental time-out.

To ensure that sauna facilities meet the highest standards and offer their guests a first-class experience, the German Sauna Association has established a certification body. The aim of this certification body is to ensure the quality of sauna facilities in Germany and to award businesses that meet outstanding standards in terms of hygiene, service and feel-good atmosphere.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to the quality system of the German Sauna Association and give you an insight into the criteria according to which sauna establishments are certified. Factors such as the equipment of the sauna, compliance with hygiene regulations, the competence of the staff and the variety of wellness offers are taken into account.

In addition, we would like to introduce you to some of the latest sauna establishments that have been awarded by the certification body of the German Sauna Association. These establishments have managed to meet the strict requirements and thus receive the seal of quality of the German Sauna Federation. By recognizing and awarding these establishments, we would like to provide you with guidance and help you find a first-class sauna experience.

Background of the quality system

During the pandemic, the certification process for sauna businesses had to be simplified to meet the special circumstances. Now that the situation is gradually returning to normal, the German Sauna Association is reverting to its proven, and in some cases modified, rigorous testing procedure. This ensures that only establishments with outstanding quality and first-class service receive awards.

SaunaPremium quality mark for excellent sauna businesses

In the first half of 2023, seven sauna facilities were again or for the first time awarded the coveted “SaunaPremium” quality mark of the German Sauna Association. We would like to take this opportunity to offer our sincere congratulations:

  • BoRa-Sauna Radolfzell: The sauna facility in Radolfzell has distinguished itself with an exceptional sauna experience and first-class customer service.
  • All-Weather Pool Lintorf in Ratingen: Here, visitors can expect a unique combination of sauna enjoyment and various wellness offerings.
  • monte mare Rheinbach: The monte mare in Rheinbach convinces not only with a diverse sauna landscape, but also with an extensive wellness offer.
  • monte mare Obertshausen: The sauna facility in Obertshausen offers a relaxing atmosphere and a wide range of sauna facilities.
  • Chiemgau Thermen Bad Endorf: The Chiemgau Thermen in Bad Endorf are characterized by their picturesque location and high-quality sauna offerings.
  • Weser-Therme Bad Karlshafen: The Weser-Therme in Bad Karlshafen impresses with an extensive sauna area and a relaxing ambience.
  • Obermain Therme Bad Staffelstein: The sauna area in Bad Staffelstein is known for its unique architecture and its high-quality sauna and wellness offer.

Outlook for further certifications

Nine more open premium and two selection procedures are currently underway, for which the quality committee will award the quality mark at the end of July. The sauna businesses that will be tested in these procedures have already cleared the first hurdles and will now undergo a thorough evaluation. The German Sauna Association’s Quality Committee is made up of experts and professionals with many years of experience in the sauna industry. They examine the facilities on the basis of a comprehensive list of criteria, which includes aspects such as sauna design, sauna temperatures, hygiene standards, rest areas and the range of infusions and wellness treatments.

Certification by the German Sauna Association and the award of the “SaunaPremium” quality mark is not only confirmation of the high standards set by the award-winning establishments, but also recognition of their efforts to offer their guests a first-class sauna experience. The quality mark also serves as a guide for sauna lovers looking for exceptional, first-class wellness facilities.

In addition to the “SaunaPremium” quality mark, the German Sauna Association also awards the “SaunaSelection” quality mark. This is awarded to facilities that do not meet all the criteria of the “SaunaPremium” quality mark, but still offer high quality and a special range of services. The “SaunaSelection” quality mark offers businesses the opportunity to positively distinguish themselves from other sauna businesses and to offer guests an outstanding sauna experience.


The certification of the German Sauna Association with the “SaunaPremium” and “SaunaSelection” quality seals is an important step towards securing and further improving the quality and standard of sauna facilities in Germany. The awarded establishments have proven that they meet the high requirements of the German Sauna Association and offer their guests a first-class sauna experience.

For sauna lovers, these quality marks are a valuable guide in the search for an exceptional wellness facility. In this way, the German Sauna Association promotes more quality and professionalism in the sauna industry and contributes to the fact that more and more people can enjoy the health-promoting and relaxing effects of the sauna.


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