The sauna is ideal for relieving joint pain

Sauna: relieve joint pain in the sauna

Rheumatoid arthritis affects a large portion of the population. Contrary to popular belief that the disease primarily affects older people, people of younger ages also suffer from it. This inflammatory disease of the joints is triggered by an autoimmune disease.

Regular sauna sessions prevent diseases

Sauna is more effective than many pharmaceutical drugs

A Finnish proverb says: “The sauna is the poor man’s medicine”. To call the sauna a pharmacy or even a comprehensive form of therapy is by no means an exaggeration. Studies have shown that sweating prevents a number of diseases and is even said to prolong life. The best effect is achieved by regular visits to the sauna. Optimally, a sauna session should be at least once a week.

How a sauna session affects health

Health aspects for a visit to the sauna

A regular and continuous visit to the sauna leads to an improvement in our health and well-being. Because who sauna, uses an effective natural therapy. Numerous everyday health problems and physical ailments can be prevented or alleviated by regular sauna use.