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The fascination and attraction of the sauna goes far beyond the soothing warmth. Passionate sauna-goers know that a sauna session offers not only physical relaxation, but also a sensory journey full of stimulating scents. The scent in the sauna plays a crucial role in stimulating the senses, calming the mind and creating a holistic wellness experience. From refreshing citrus notes to soothing herbal aromas, the different scents in the sauna create an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being.
With the right fragrance a visit to the sauna becomes a dreamlike experience

With the right fragrance, a visit to the sauna becomes a dreamlike experience

To achieve lasting relaxation in the sauna, a pleasant scent is not only a pleasant fragrance experience, but can also play an important role in the overall wellness experience. The selection of aromatic sauna fragrances is diverse, offering a wide range of relaxing, invigorating and stimulating scents that can make an already enjoyable sauna session even more relaxing.

For those who crave relaxation, there are certain scents such as lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood that can have a calming and stress-reducing effect. These scents help to calm the senses, relax the mind and create an atmosphere of inner peace. They help to reduce everyday stress and put the body in a state of deep relaxation.

On the other hand, invigorating and stimulating scents such as lemon, peppermint, or eucalyptus can invigorate the mind and sharpen the senses. These refreshing scents add a stimulating note to the sauna session and provide a refreshing sensation on the skin. They can stimulate circulation, open the airways and have an invigorating effect on the body and mind.

Whether you choose relaxing or invigorating scents, adding aromatic sauna fragrances to a sauna session can elevate the entire experience to a new level. Fragrances have the ability to evoke emotions, stimulate the senses and deepen relaxation. They help to enhance the atmosphere in the sauna and create an inviting and unique feel-good atmosphere that pampers both body and mind.

Scent experiences in the sauna can be very varied

Sweating in the sauna undoubtedly involves a pleasant scent that adds to the overall experience. The choice of scent depends entirely on individual preferences and needs. Some sauna visitors prefer scents that enhance the relaxing effect of a sauna session, while others opt for invigorating scents to recharge their batteries.

The essential oils contained in sauna oils are highly concentrated and therefore extremely effective. Even after a sauna infusion, the scent spreads quickly and intensively throughout the sauna. The sauna thus becomes a truly fragrant place that appeals to all the senses.

Usually, just a few drops of sauna oil are enough to make you sweat in a pleasant cloud of fragrance. The essential oils are so concentrated that even a small amount is enough to achieve the desired fragrance effect.

However, keep in mind that essential oils are very intense. Their high concentration requires careful dosing to avoid overdosing or too strong fragrance intensity. Therefore, most high-quality sauna oils are already prepared in an appropriate concentration to ensure a balanced and pleasant fragrance.

Thanks to the intense nature of essential oils, the fragrance quickly becomes a present and fascinating element in the sauna. It accompanies sweating and contributes to relaxation or invigoration, depending on which fragrance is chosen. Scents affect the senses and help create an atmospheric and inviting environment in which every sauna visitor can feel comfortable.

Herbs – a popular source of scents for sauna use

Herbal scents are extremely popular with sauna visitors, as they perfectly enhance the character of a sauna session and harmonize perfectly with the natural woody scent of many saunas. They offer a variety of ways to create a wonderful fragrance experience. Different herbs such as rosemary, basil, and lemon balm each have their own pleasant scent and make every sauna session a true fragrance pleasure.

Using herbal scents in sauna infusions can have an anti-inflammatory effect while providing deep relaxation. The scent of rosemary, for example, can promote circulation and provide energy, while basil is refreshing and invigorating. Melissa, on the other hand, has a calming effect and can relieve stress. Each herb has its own unique scent and effect, so choosing herbal scents is a personal preference.

Herbal blends are also very popular for creating a pleasant scent during sauna sessions. These blends consist of different herbs that are cleverly combined to create a balanced and harmonious scent. For example, combining herbs such as lavender, sage, and thyme can create a relaxing atmosphere that soothes the body and mind alike. Herbal blends offer a variety of ways to achieve the desired scent and effect.

In addition, there are several ways to use herbs in the sauna to create a fragrance experience. Some sauna-goers place fresh herb sprigs directly on the sauna stones to release the scent. Others use dried herbs in special scent bags or scent bowls. This allows the essential oils and aromas of the herbs to slowly unfold during the sauna session, filling the room with a natural and refreshing scent.

Fruits – pleasant scent dispensers for relaxing saunas

To give a sauna session that certain something, fruity scents are ideal. Whether fresh scents of citrus fruits or aromas of exotic fruits such as passion fruit or mango, sauna infusions with fruit aromas are always a good choice. Combining different fruit scents can create a cloud of fragrance full of freshness that wonderfully appeals to the senses.

When combining fruit aromas, it is often advisable to combine similar scents. For example, fragrance blends with a focus on berry fruits, such as raspberries and strawberries, are very popular. These blends give off a sweet and enticing scent that makes a sauna session a fruity experience. The combination of fruit aromas can create a harmonious balance and make the sauna session an aromatic pleasure.

Sauna oils with the aroma of citrus fruits such as orange and lime are also in high demand. These refreshing and invigorating scents add a sparkling note to the sauna session and create a pleasant and uplifting mood. Citrus scents have an invigorating effect on the mind and can stimulate the senses.

Using fruity scents in the sauna creates a refreshing and invigorating atmosphere. The fresh scents can lighten the mood, give energy and stimulate the mind. Although fruity scents are often associated with lightness and freshness, they can also have a profound effect on the senses and contribute to relaxation.

When choosing sauna oils with fruity scents, it is advisable to choose high-quality products based on natural essential oils. These guarantee an authentic and long-lasting fragrance that enriches the sauna experience. Some sauna visitors also prefer to use fresh fruit pieces or fruit peels to fill the room with a natural fruit aroma.

The scent of the mountains – this is also very popular when taking a sauna

Fresh mountain air is special and can make a day even more enjoyable. If you want the feeling of the mountain world, you can wonderfully simulate the mountain air in a sauna session with some mountain herbs and benefit from the freshness of their aroma. Mountain herbs such as alpine roses, mountain mint or edelweiss give off a characteristic scent that reminds you of the clear air in the mountains. Using these herbs in sauna infusions or scented sachets can create an authentic mountain atmosphere and make a sauna session an unforgettable experience.

Another means of enhancing the feeling of mountain air is menthol crystals. These crystals evaporate on the hot sauna stones and give off an irresistible aroma. The scent of menthol is fresh and invigorating and has a cool, refreshing effect, especially on the skin. A sauna session with menthol crystals can therefore have a pleasantly cooling and refreshing effect. The combination of mountain herbs and menthol crystals can create a unique sensory experience and make the sauna session an unforgettable experience.

Please note that menthol crystals are very concentrated and should be used sparingly. A few drops or crystals are usually enough to achieve the desired effect. Also, care should be taken not to use too large amounts of menthol crystals to avoid overstimulating the senses.


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