Sauna for children – info for parents

Sauna for children - sauna is a healthy pleasure not only for adults, but also for children. However, some restrictions should be observed with the offspring, which result, among other things, from the respective stage of development.
Children in the sauna - From when and for how long is children's sauna good?

Children in the sauna – From when and for how long is children’s sauna good?

Children love to discover new things and feel comfortable in different environments. A place that offers relaxation and recreation for many adults is the sauna. But the question arises: at what age does it make sense to go to the sauna with children? And how long should they stay there? The safety and well-being of children are the top priority here.

In this article, we look at the issue of children in the sauna and go into the various aspects that should be considered when making a decision. From the potential health benefits to the possible risks, we provide a comprehensive look to help parents make the right decision for their little sauna goers.

What are the benefits of a children’s sauna?

  • The body is trained to deal with sudden temperature changes.
  • Respiratory mucous membranes are better supplied with blood, which means they do not dry out as quickly in winter.
  • Well supplied with blood and sufficiently moist respiratory tracts do not get sick so quickly.
  • Heat stimulates the immune system.
  • Heat provides relaxation and relieves muscle tension.

Be sure to observe the age limit

Since babies and toddlers cool down much more quickly in cold weather and overheat much more quickly at high temperatures than adults, a sauna session can be quite a physical challenge. For this reason, the German Sauna Association (Deutscher Sauna-Bund e.V.) recommends not taking them on one until they are three years old.

What do children need to know about saunas?

Children from about three years of age can generally be taken to all types of saunas. However, since their bodies heat up and cool down very quickly, there are a few points to keep in mind. Children over the age of three who have never been in a sauna before should stay in one for no more than five minutes, and should always sit on the lowest step. However, if they already have some experience, they can stay in the cabin a little longer.

Short sauna times for children

After about ten minutes, parents should leave the children’s sauna together with their offspring. If he feels unwell or complains of any other discomfort, leave earlier. Since children’s bodies are not yet used to extreme temperature fluctuations, they should be cooled down gently. This also means that children should never go into an icy plunge pool after leaving the sauna for children.

What are the health risks?

Healthy children can’t actually be harmed by a brief sauna session. However, if they are ill and suffer from a cold or even fever, the situation is somewhat different. In such cases, the body should be protected and not exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations. And even if the little ones have to throw up after a sauna session, they should refrain from doing so. After an operation or a major open wound, it is best to take a break. Since little ones lose a lot of water in a sauna, they should drink enough beforehand to avoid becoming dehydrated.

What else should parents keep in mind?

Sitting in one place for many minutes while also sweating is not really in a child’s nature. To ensure that a visit to the sauna is not a disaster, parents should make sure that their offspring do not get bored after a short time and that they are willing and able to remain quiet at times.

These tips can help

First, the child should be told exactly what to expect in a sauna and how a sauna session works. This helps to reduce fears and increase interest. It is best to choose a sauna that is part of an adventure pool. This way, the children can look forward to swimming and romping around a bit afterward.

Games in the sauna

If the child does not like to sit still, a simple trick can help. Thus, parents suggest him to find out in a competition who can be silent longer at a stretch. This is very important, because if the offspring climbs around in the cabin or runs across the benches, the other guests will be disturbed. If he does not calm down at all, the sauna is left.

Ice cubes for the little ones

If it is known that the child is very sensitive to heat, his face should be moistened a little with cold water before entering the cabin. To allow guests to cool down in the sauna, most sauna baths have an ice cube dispenser. In most cases, this can be used free of charge. If it is noticed that the offspring is very warm, an ice cube is spread over their forehead, neck and over the wrists.

Relaxation after the sauna

After the sauna, the parents and the children can go to a warm water pool with a temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. The heat makes you tired faster and prepares the body ideally for the resting phase. This is very important, because a sauna session is relatively demanding on the body, and it should therefore recover from the exertion.


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