Lulur massage – What is it?

A traditional ritual thousands of years old finds its way into today's wellness with the Lulur massage. The application includes several steps. First, there is a massage with nourishing oils, followed by exfoliation. This is followed by a nourishing mask and finally, as a crowning finale, a fragrant flower bath. In this way, the Lulur massage is a benefit for body and mind. It provides the skin with nutrients, promotes beauty, relaxes and helps relieve stress.
Lulur massage - beauty massage against wrinkles

Lulur massage – beauty massage against wrinkles

Admittedly, the Lulur massage is not yet very widespread in Europe. Nevertheless, you should treat yourself to this exotic ritual. It is a pampering program for your skin and your soul. The highlight: This ceremony makes you not only healthy, but also beautiful. Its secret is a special combination of different oils and peeling. We will tell you everything you need to know about the Lulur massage. Most importantly, we explain how exactly the procedure works and give you tips on how and where to find a suitable masseur. Follow us on this exciting journey.

Royal massage from the palaces of Java

You will feel really royal for a few hours. Because this massage is said to have been originally reserved for the kings of Bali. Later, brides-to-be enjoyed the ceremony before their wedding. It took several days. They wanted to shine from the inside and outside before the age. And that’s exactly what beauty massages made possible. And today you can enjoy this wonderful tradition also in Europe. The masseur wants to help you let go of the stress of everyday life. In addition, the oils nourish your skin. It becomes wonderfully soft and tender.

The Lulur massage tightens the skin with different essences

The first step is always an extensive oil massage on the whole body. The masseur follows old rules here, which probably originated in Indonesia. Before the treatment, he will have an extensive conversation with you. He will ask you about your needs. Be open and tell him what is pressing you. He will choose the oils just for you. For example, they can be essences of lemongrass, sandalwood or ginger root. Each of these oils has a different effect on your organism. Ginger, for example, provides warmth and relaxation. Lemongrass will tighten your skin. Sandalwood is a popular, the active ingredient of Ayurvedic tradition – and will not fail to have its effect here.

Lulur scrub will give you a velvety soft skin

A vigorous massage with these wonderfully fragrant oils will relax you from head to toe. But this is only the prelude to the actual beauty ritual. Because now follows the body peeling. For this, the masseur uses a mixture of sandalwood, turmeric, jasmine, and rice flour. It is meant to both warm the body and rid it of excess flakes of skin. Each of these substances has a skin cleansing effect. The scrub is first applied to the entire body. Then it’s a matter of waiting. Until the mass is completely dry. Then the masseur carefully scrapes off the mixture. In the process, the annoying flakes of skin disappear as if by themselves.

By the way, the peeling is also specially adapted to your needs. No mixture is like the other. Above all, it certainly does not contain any chemicals. So the massage is suitable even for people with very sensitive skin.

Refreshing yogurt mask for skin care

However, after the body scrub is far from over. Now that you are relaxed from head to toe, it is important to provide your skin with the necessary moisture. A refreshing full body mask with yogurt helps with this. It is used for skin care and has a cooling effect by the way. The application time is simply wonderful. You feel how the caring ingredients do their work. At the same time you have about half an hour-long time for yourself, time to switch off. Especially in summer, you will appreciate the cooling effect of yogurt. Then wash off paste during a refreshing shower.

Flower bath as a crowning conclusion of the Lulu massage

And now it gets really royal. After the shower, you will get into a flower bath prepared just for you. The masseur enriches the pleasantly warm water with flower petals and wonderfully fragrant essences. Step into the tub and feel at ease. Treat your mind to this relaxing moment. Of course, the oil-enriched water will take care of your skin while you enjoy. After the bath, the masseur will serve you another delicious herbal tea. After a rest period, he will still care for your skin with a special body lotion.

Lulur massage acts as an anti-aging treatment

The Lulur massage is an all-rounder in terms of beauty and health. First, your skin appearance will be beautified by the pure power of nature. In addition, the ritual is an anti-aging cure. On the one hand, this comes from the nourishing essences that can demonstrably soften wrinkles – they rejuvenate your skin. On the other hand, you escape from everyday stress for several hours. This will also make you look more beautiful. Your whole expression will brighten up after so much wellness, and you will radiate calmness and beauty. Above all, the body peeling helps to purify. Blood circulation and metabolism are stimulated, and your organism can remove the harmful substances that are responsible for the dreaded cellulite.

Time just for YOU

A Lulur massage takes several hours and is not cheap either. But from time to time, you should give yourself this much attention. You will see, it is worth it. Finding a suitable masseur, however, can be a challenge. They usually only work in large wellness temples. But how about making this ceremony the highlight of your next wellness vacation? It is such a unique experience that it is worth the trip.


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