Ice infusion ball – Gentle infusions in the sauna

The ice infusion ball is a convenient way to form balls from snow or crushed ice. These can be enriched with fragrances and are ideal for gentle ice infusions in saunas. So you can experience the effect of the infusion even more intensively!
Ice infusion ball: easy to make uniform balls
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Ice infusion ball: Easy to make uniform balls

The ice infusion ball makes it easy and fast to make balls of snow or crushed ice. Thanks to the special design, the wooden bowls have recessed grips that give your hands more grip when shaping, as well as guide grooves on the edges for easier handling. In addition, one of the shell halves has an integrated spike that can create a funnel-shaped opening into the interior – making it possible to dispense fragrances filled directly into the heart of each sphere. With this method, the size of all infusion balls always remains the same and therefore always identical!

Gentle infusions with pressed ice balls

Pressed ice balls are a particularly gentle way of celebrating infusions in the sauna. The balls, which are enriched with fragrances, are placed on the hot stove and slowly melted by the heat of the sauna stones. In this way, a gentle steam is created – allowing guests to enjoy every nuance of the room climate and the intense fragrance without overheating. For those who find the frond infusion a bit too vigorous, this method offers a more pleasant way to round out their sauna experience!

Use of the ice infusion ball

The ice infusion ball is filled with crushed ice or snow. By pressing and turning the mold, a stable, compact sphere is formed. The spike integrated into the sphere allows you to add fragrance directly to the center of the ice – making each infusion perfectly flavored.

You place the scented ice balls on the hot sauna heater. Gradually, the ice melts and the steam slowly rises to the ceiling without being stirred up. This allows you, as a sauna guest, to experience the gentle change in the room climate and the developing fragrance even more intensively.

Ice infusion ball made of ash wood

SAUNAGUT® Eisaufguss-Kugel


Sauna infusion with the SAUNAGUT® ice infusion ball


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