Flirting in the sauna?

We all know that the sauna is a place of relaxation. But is it also a place to flirt? A little wheeling and dealing here or there can't hurt, can it?
Is flirting allowed in the sauna?

Is it allowed to flirt in the sauna?

Flirting in the sauna? Actually a good idea. After all, we are just wonderfully relaxed here anyway. The atmosphere is also great, the light is neither too bright nor too dark, and there may even be a fire blazing in the fireplace. Pure romance. It should be easy to start a conversation that could develop into something more.

Everyone is naked on the wooden benches. So you wouldn’t buy a pig in a poke. But is that even a good idea? After all, as I said, everyone wants to relax in the cozy warmth. So a chat with ulterior motives may be inconvenient. We’ve racked our brains in the editorial department and put together a few answers for you.

Unpleasant looks are taboo

Let’s start with the most obvious: In the sauna, we’re usually all naked. That leaves people vulnerable. Some may be just fine with it. But most don’t want to expose their most intimate parts to the public at all. You should respect that. It may be tempting to look at the beautifully shaped lady or the hot guy. But it is not proper. A quick glance is allowed. But under no circumstances should you look at your counterpart. At the latest when your glances are noticed, you should look in another direction.

Besides, people want peace and quiet in the sauna. Some have even come for health reasons. You are looking for a way to switch off from your often stressful everyday life. Just unwind and think about nothing. In such a situation, it is inconvenient for many to initiate conversations. The other person may be nice and sympathetic. It disturbs nevertheless. Against this backdrop, it is quite impolite to simply chat up sauna guests.

Respecting privacy

Especially since after the #MeToo debate, women in particular are very sensitive on this point, especially when they visit the sauna alone. They are naked, show a lot of skin. They still need a certain amount of privacy. Strangers looking for contact are out of place. This also applies to distant acquaintances who simply want to try their luck in the bath.

In addition, there is the question of how you should even initiate a conversation in the wellness oasis. There is actually no saying that would fit. And the simple question of whether she or he finds it warm is too flat. Above all, anything you say could be perceived as harassment. The consequence would be, in the worst case, a complaint to the lifeguard. The flirter could therefore be expelled from the pool unawares.

But flirting is not completely taboo

Sure, there are many reasons against flirting in the sauna. You have just read them. Nevertheless, it is not completely taboo to initiate a flirtation in the bath. However, please really don’t try it in the sweat lodge directly. The place for this is the relaxation area or even the bar. The unbeatable advantage is that almost everyone here is wrapped in a bathrobe. That is, he or she is not completely naked. This gives people a protective cloak that allows conversations with strangers.

However, respect the desire for quiet and relaxation here as well. Make eye contact, see if he or she returns your gaze. Only if this is the case, you may dare and address the object of your desire. However, please approach the matter carefully. Maybe you buy a drink at the sauna bar. If the invitation is accepted, you can chat away.

But please don’t be too direct. This can be off-putting to people, even if they are covered in a bathrobe. But if you always orient yourself to the reactions of your counterpart, little can go wrong – and perhaps the flirtation will turn into a long and happy relationship.


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