First Date in the sauna – and this is how it’s done!

Relax in the sauna on the first date. This is probably where most people will be a little shocked. After all, it's not necessarily a usual place for a first meeting either.
The first date in the sauna

The first date in the sauna

Some may find the idea a bit daring. But why shouldn’t a first date be able to take place in a sauna? Melting the proverbial ice probably doesn’t work as well anywhere. Sweating together brings relaxation from everyday life and is also very healthy. Who chooses a sauna for the first date, however, should not realize superficial thoughts with it. Rather, it is the common desire for rest and relaxation that should be in the foreground.

A special first date

To face each other naked right at the first meeting is not a matter of course. Both partners must be able to cope well with crossing this human inhibition threshold at the very first opportunity. Ideally, both already have experience with the sauna and its very special conditions. It would be less ideal at this moment, when hopefully the butterflies in your stomach will make themselves felt, if you should not feel physically comfortable in this environment.

Focus on the outer values

While the inner values are very important especially for a young relationship, the sauna emphasizes the outer values in its own way. However, the fact that you immediately drop your clothes does not automatically mean that you also immediately approach each other physically without restraint. Mutual respect is enormously important. This applies to every first date – and it also applies to every sauna session. In most cases, the sauna facility is not private, so you won’t necessarily be in private on your date. This is also important to keep in mind.

The right preparation

The sauna date is not for a surprise. Maybe your partner has a hard time presenting himself or herself so revealingly right away. But maybe he or she is not familiar enough with the sauna landscape. To meet then at the first go in such a way with a so far unknown person, could overtax the charms several times. Combining the very first sauna session with a date is also not the best idea. However, experienced sauna-goers can cultivate a common passion in this way right away.

Very important – a well-groomed body

With the right body care, you will definitely succeed even better in impressing your counterpart. Shave away those little hairs that make you look unflattering and, as a woman, apply waterproof makeup. A sauna area is usually a place of tranquility. The mutual exchange thus takes place more visually and less acoustically. Use intense glances to let each other know what you like about the other person – with a pinch of humor and the necessary caution.

Relaxed together – what next?

After relaxing together, you may wish to meet again. Whether this should result in a date in the sauna again is, of course, up to you. But maybe the next time you meet, you’ll want to go somewhere where you can talk in more detail. To talk in depth in a bar or at a joint meal should then probably not pose any major problems. After all, you have already proven your courage to each other by presenting a lot of naked skin to each other.

The first of many dates?

If one meeting turns into many meetings or even a long-term relationship, there is nothing to stop you from visiting the sauna together once again. Then you can completely relax and reminisce and tell each other how you experienced this first meeting.

A romantic sauna date that connects deeply

A date together in the sauna is more than just a brave step into the unknown. It is an act of courage, openness and mutual respect to meet each other naked on the very first date. But in this unique moment of vulnerability lies the potential for a deep connection. The sauna date reveals the outer values uniquely, but in no way means that you have to give yourself physically to the other person right away. Rather, it is about the common desire for inner peace, relaxation and an unforgettable experience.

After relaxing together in the sauna, you decide whether you want to see each other again. Whether you meet again in the sauna or in another, more intimate place is entirely up to you. The most important thing is that you both shared this special moment and got to know each other uniquely.

If many more follow from this first meeting and a longer-term relationship develops, there is nothing to stop you from revisiting the sauna together and reminiscing about this romantic encounter. It will surely be a story that you can share with each other for a lifetime and revive in your hearts again and again – a memory of the enchanting power of love that began in the sauna.


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