Brine bath – benefit for skin and health

Brine baths are for many people a high pleasure of feelings. Because here you can feel the weightlessness that everyone talks about who has ever been to the Dead Sea. A stay in the mineral-rich brine water strengthens our immune system and can prevent allergies.

What does a brine bath do?

A warm pool of naturally salted water is called a brine bath. These pools can have up to ten times the salt concentration of seawater, making them ideal for floating. Temperatures are generally around 36°C. The beneficial effects of brine baths are based on a unique set of minerals contained in salt products. A warm bath causes dilation of skin pores, cleansing and dilation of sweat glands. Excess metabolic products are transported away through the skin with the sweat. Thus prepared, our body is ready to absorb the minerals contained in the brine.

How long can you stay in the brine bath?

Since a brine bath is very demanding on the circulation, the bathing time should be limited to 15 to 20 minutes. Rest after the bath, so that the beneficial effect on the whole body can unfold. By the way, you can also take a brine bath at home in the bathtub and therefore do not have to go to the spa. If you use untreated natural salt, you should not dry yourself after bathing. Instead, let the salt water dry on your skin. 

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How to make a brine bath at home

For the home salt bath, you just need to consider a few things before you get into the bath.

  • You need about 1 kg of pure sea salt for a full bath of 80 to 100 liters.
  • Put some water in the tub and spread the salt in it.
  • Then wait until the salt is completely dissolved.
  • Now fill the bathtub with water. The ideal bathing temperature is usually 37 to 38 degrees.
  • In order not to strain the circulation, bathe for about 15-20 minutes.
  • After your bath, don’t dry off, but wrap yourself in a bathrobe or large, soft towel and rest. Relax, such as with a good book or soothing music.

: If you want to pamper your skin a little more, you can add to the bath salt mixture 1 tablespoon of Almond oil* can be added.

After the brine bath you should drink a lot

Since the brine bath contains more salt than the body fluids, the water is drawn out of the body by osmosis. It is therefore important to drink plenty of fluids after bathing – preferably low-mineral, non-carbonated water. In addition, the guided movement of the water from the inside to the outside eliminates metabolic waste products. This means that the body excretes toxins into the water in exchange for the minerals absorbed from the brine bath. Therefore, the brine bath is often used for purification.

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