The main advantages for the purchase of element sauna

The wellness temple in your own four walls: The element sauna, also known as a prefabricated sauna, is suitable for smaller rooms and allows you to create your own personal oasis of tranquility even in a small space.
Elementsauna - the jewel in your own home

Element sauna – the jewel in your own home

Relaxing and lolling in the sauna is one of the pleasant things in life. Regular sauna visits are balm for the soul. In addition, sweating cures prevent a number of diseases. The harsh alternation between hot and cold trains the immune system and has a good effect on the heart, respiratory tract and metabolism. In Finland, the sauna is an elementary component of the national culture. Also in Germany, everyone can fulfill the dream of the own Home Sauna. For example, with an element sauna.

Sauna in your own four walls

Whether in summer or on dreary autumn and winter days – if you can make yourself comfortable in your own home sauna, you don’t have to travel miles to feel the crackling sensation of the infusion and the tingling sensation of cooling down. Sauna fans can fulfill their desire for a relaxed body feeling in the sauna with an element sauna.

The element sauna is built in the so-called sandwich construction method. The characteristic feature is the multilayer structure, therefore sandwich construction. The element sauna is an optimally insulated wood-clad room with benches and a sauna heater. You can spice it up with various light elements and make yourself really comfortable.

Prefabricated sauna in lightweight construction

Element saunas come in different sizes, so it is possible to set up the element sauna in the smallest area. The prefabricated saunas are available with front or corner entry and even as a solid wood element sauna. Often the element sauna, also called prefabricated sauna. The prefabricated sauna consists of multilayer production parts and is built from individual elements.

This makes the construction more comfortable and much faster. Due to the lightweight construction, the element sauna is also not so heavy. You can have them assembled by a skilled craftsman. Or assemble it yourself using the do-it-yourself method. As a rule, it does not require profound carpentry skills.

Element sauna – efficient and universal

Little effort is required to adapt the element sauna to the particular conditions. The existing space can be used optimally, even if the space is limited. Outside it can be covered with materials according to personal taste. In the element sauna, the wall thickness provides the necessary insulation. The structure consists of the wooden boarding on the outside, a layer of insulation and the interior lining.

The element sauna heats up quickly and the insulating material provides pleasant warmth. This combines low operating costs and an affordable purchase price. This is a great advantage for a spontaneous sauna session after a busy day. If you take good care of your element sauna, you will enjoy it for a long time. Good ventilation after the sauna session helps the sauna to cool down slowly and the humidity generated in the sauna room can escape.

The main advantages of buying a sauna with elements

There are several manufacturers that offer prefabricated saunas. Special installation aids are usually not necessary. Sauna enthusiasts can benefit from a natural sauna feeling relatively quickly.

The main advantages for buying an element sauna are:

  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • Energy-saving due to good insulation
  • Even thin walls insulate
  • Fast heating up
  • Easy to assemble and space-saving
  • Different sauna types and different sauna sizes
  • Offers possibilities for expansion with additional elements
  • Immense choice of design and accessories
  • Due to different dimensions, it can be placed anywhere
  • It can be disassembled and moved if necessary
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • If you move, you can easily take it with you


No matter which model you choose, with the element sauna you can make the most of the existing space. In addition, it looks inviting and cozy. With prefabricated saunas, you can build wellness and well-being time firmly into your everyday life and give your body a break at any time. Thanks to low initial costs and lightweight construction, the element sauna is perfect for any home. No matter what you decide: The element sauna includes the matching sauna equipment such as sauna infusion, sauna ladle, sauna towels, sauna clocks and infusion buckets – making the element sauna the perfect temple of relaxation.