The 10 best hot tub accessories for relaxation

Especially in summer, a refreshing bath in the whirlpool can become a relaxing pleasure. With the appropriate accessories, you can incidentally spice up your soothing bathing experience a little.
10 indispensable hot tub accessories for more wellness luxury

10 essential hot tub accessories for more wellness luxury

Your hot tub is a place where you can relax and spend time with your family or friends. In addition to the health benefits, such as reducing stress or relieving muscle pain, you can further enhance your hot tub experience with the appropriate accessories. If you’re looking for new ways to enjoy the features and amenities of your hot tub, this list is for you.

Hot tub cupholder from Intex

A cupholder is the ideal place to place drinks and snacks within reach while you relax in your hot tub. The drink holder from Intex gives them the ability to place two drinks in it. This is designed for cans or small bottles. Of course, a small shelf for snacks should not be missing.

This drink holder is suitable for both inflatable hot tubs and hard shell tubs. The grab handle is quite sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about food or drinks falling into the hot tub. Also, this hot tub drink holder is one of the most affordable accessories, which is another reason to give it a try.

Angebot Intex 28500 Ablagetablett mit integriertem Getränkehalter

Whirlpool Neck Pillow by Arebos

With this ergonomically designed relaxation pillow, you can also relieve the pressure on your head during your relaxing spa session. The soft pillow with comfortable padding provides optimal support for your head and neck. The easy-care, stain-resistant surface of the headrest makes it resistant to chemicals and odors and easy to clean. The bath pillow is simply placed at the edge of the pool.

Arebos 1x Nackenkissen | Kopfstütze für Whirlpools | weiß...

Whirlpool access steps from CosySpa

One of the most important hot tub accessories is a non-slip entry step. Without it, getting in and out of your hot tub is awkward and potentially dangerous. These pool steps are ideal for your inflatable hot tub, hard foam hot tub or wading pool and allow for easy entry and exit. The surface of this CosySpa staircase is made of a non-slip surface for more grip to minimize the risk of injury.

Installation is straightforward – only a few steps are required, and no additional tools are needed. It fits both tubs with round sides and tubs with straight sides. You can easily clean them with soap and water. These hot tub steps have another advantage: you can use them all over the house, not just next to your hot tub.

CosySpa Whirlpool Stufen - Pool Einstiegstreppe | Whirlpool...

Rechargeable pool and spa vacuum cleaner from Intex

From time to time, hot tubs need to be cleaned as well. A spa vacuum makes it easy to remove debris from the bottom. This rechargeable pool and spa vacuum is designed for use in above ground pools up to 45.7 inches in diameter. You get two interchangeable brush heads, a USB cable for charging and a telescopic pole of 238 cm, so it is also suitable for water maintenance of small pools.

Intex Wiederaufladbarer Pool- und Spa-Staubsauger 28620EP,...

Sun and privacy protection from Steinbach

The whirlpool roof is specially designed as a roofing for inflatable whirlpools. The footprint measures 350 x 290 cm and the height of the whirlpool roof is 220 cm. The construction provides maximum protection from sun, wind, and weather in the smallest space.

Side mesh inserts provide sufficient ventilation and serve as an additional privacy screen. Four service openings located in the side of the inserts facilitate the use of whirlpools with an external technical unit. This creates additional space inside the spa roof.

Angebot Steinbach Whirlpooldach – 036430 – Pooldach für...

Waterproof floating speaker

With IP67 waterproof rating, this Bluetooth 5.0 portable speaker can be used in many outdoor occasions. For example, in bathrooms, swimming pools, lakes, and the sea. It can even float on the hot tub water and bring colorful colors to your hot tub. Uekar’s LED Bluetooth speaker combines music with an LED light show.

You can also enjoy a light show with eight lighting modes, such as monochrome light, slow flashing, fast flashing, alternating flashing and flashing to the rhythm of the music. This Bluetooth speaker has a built-in microphone that allows you to answer calls.

Uekars Bluetooth Lautsprecher Tragbar mit Farbwechselndes...

Floating Hot Tub Thermometer

This floating thermometer gives you the ability to monitor the temperature of your hot tub. The thermometer has an easy-to-read display from 0 ℃ to 50 ℃ and comes with a cord to attach it, so you don’t have to worry about the thermometer floating over the edge of the pool. The pool thermometer is made of durable and unbreakable ABS plastic.

WOSTOO Floating Pool Thermometer, Schwimmende Pool...

Aromatherapy product for the hot tub

Recharge your batteries with the invigorating aroma for your hot tub. A fragrant bath brings energy and strength to the water surface. The sweet scent revitalizes your body and mind, leaving you ready for new tasks or newly refreshed at the end of a long day. These products are specially formulated for hot tubs, meaning they won’t interfere with water chemistry or clog the filter with oily residue.

The hot tub fragrances are free of foam-forming ingredients and therefore dissolve completely in the water without leaving any residue. Only natural and unadulterated essential oils, preferably organic, are used in their production.

Liebenstein - Whirlpool Duft Set Entspannungs-Trio [3x200ml...

Waterproof playing cards

Waterproof and unbendable plastic playing cards make spending time in the hot tub twice as much fun. With a game night in the hot tub, you will leave your guests with an unforgettable evening.

Rommee Karten, Canasta, Bridge aus 100% Kunststoff (Plastik...

STAR SPLASH hot tub booster seat

Raised seating in a hot tub is beneficial for two reasons – it increases comfort and helps small people keep their heads above water. The Star Splash hot tub cushion raises you to the right height, so you can relax even more in the hot tub. The Star Splash whirlpool pillow has a washable cover. Simply wash the cover on the gentle cycle to remove dirt. Additionally, the pillow has a convenient carrying handle that allows you to hang the seat to dry.

Star Splash Whirlpool Sitzkissen 38cmx30cmx12cm – Sitz...


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