Suitable plants for the sauna area

A sauna area should invite you to relax and feel good. In this context, a beautiful and decorative interior necessarily include suitable plants. When choosing, in addition to aesthetic considerations, some other important preliminary considerations should be made.
Selection of suitable plants for the sauna area

Selection of suitable plants for the sauna area

The spatial situation must be taken into account

In addition to water and nutrients, plants need above all sufficient light. It is therefore important to select plants that do not necessarily need a lot of light to grow. In most sauna areas, there is little or sometimes no natural light. In such a situation, if you choose plants that require a particularly high amount of light, they will quickly die. In this context, it should also be mentioned that such a lack of light cannot be compensated by increased fertilization or additional water supply.

Artificial plant lighting

If, however, you would like to select plants that require particularly high levels of light, an additional plant lamp can be a remedy, as this allows the plants to thrive particularly well. For very sensitive plants or those that need warm light even in winter, such a plant lamp offers the right light output and the right color spectrum. However, the additional energy costs must also be taken into account here. For plant lighting, many LED lights have now emerged as the best solution. For the most part, they are in the higher price range, but their power consumption is significantly lower than that of sodium vapor lamps.

Buying tip: Plant light with dimmable function

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What plants are particularly suitable for the sauna area

Purchasing plants for the sauna area can sometimes prove to be a real challenge, as some preliminary considerations need to be made. If you want to spend only a little money and change the plants at regular intervals, you can certainly choose flowering ornamental plants. However, there are some disadvantages here. Ornamental plants often do not last long in dark areas and then quickly fade. Consequently, you have to constantly buy new plants. In addition, falling flowers in the sauna area are not very practical and can quickly leave a messy impression.

Suitable green plants for the sauna area

Best suited for such areas are green plants that are robust and require little light. The following houseplants are especially recommended here, they are easy to care for and do not require much light. This makes them the perfect addition to almost any area, often found in spa rooms, basements, and bathrooms:

Sword Fern

Sword fern is an excellent air purifier that can also filter pollutants from the air. Sword fern’s native habitat is in tropical areas, where it grows among towering jungle giants and other trees that tower over it. Therefore, it is accustomed to receiving little direct sunlight. The cost of purchasing such a plant ranges from 13.00 euros.

Purchase tip: Sword fern – Nephrolepis exaltata

Nephrolepis exaltata, im 12 cm Topf, Schwertfarn, ca. 30 cm...

Green Lily

The green lily is an extremely undemanding plant. It tolerates both low and high temperatures, only in the summer midday heat a sheltered place is recommended. In addition, it does not care about a sunny or shady location. Like many other houseplants, the green lily has an air-purifying effect. The prices range here from 16 euros.

Buy Tip: Green Lily – Exotic Heart – Chlorophytum

exotenherz - Chlorophytum, Grünlilie, Ampelpflanze 15cm...


Zamioculcas, actually Zamioculcas zamiifolia, is also called lucky feather. It is a palm fern plant that is perfect for people who do not have a green thumb. Even the most inexperienced amateur gardeners will not harm this plant. Thanks to its undemanding nature, it is also well suited as an office plant. In terms of price, these plants are priced at 13.00 euros.

Buy tip: Zamioculcas zamiifolia – Lucky Feather

Zamioculcas zamiifolia, echte Zimmerpflanze im 14er Topf,...


Tropical plants like monocots prefer it humid and warm. Also known as the peace lily, this plant stands out for its flower, which consists of a single white bracts and an elongated flower head growing upwards. It prefers a semi-shaded location, but direct sunlight should be avoided. Prices here are around 10.00 euros.

Buying tip: Monocot – Spathiqhyllum

BALDUR Garten Spathiphyllum, 1 Pflanze, Luftreinigende...

Bow hemp

Bow hemp is also particularly attractive and requires little care. With a permanent lack of light, this plant can also live very well, but in this case shows reduced growth. The bow hemp can store a lot of carbon dioxide, which makes it an excellent air purifier. Price already under 5.00 euros to acquire.

Buy tip: Bow hemp – Sansevieria trifasciata Futura Superba

Sansevieria trifasciata Futura Superba 30-35 cm/Topf Ø 10...

Kentia Palm

Kentia palm is popular as a houseplant and office plant and is ideal for beginners due to its ease of care. Its location should be sufficiently bright to partial shade throughout the year. However, the Kentia palm does not tolerate direct sunlight. It is also sensitive to drafts. In terms of price, you can buy this plant from 30.00 euros.

Buy tip: Kentia palm – Howea forsteriana

Dominik Blumen und Pflanzen, Zimmerpflanzen Kentia-Palme,...

Cobbler Palm

The cobbler palm is one of the easiest plants to care for. The houseplant gets along with extremely little light and needs very little water. Even dust that settles on its large leaves does not bother it. It is extremely resistant to low humidity and drafts. In terms of price, these beautiful plants are priced at 16.00 euros.

Buy tip: Cobbler Palm – Aspidistra elatior

Aspidistra elatior 50 cm Schusterpalme Metzgerpalme...


You certainly know ivy from the exterior facade of many buildings. But the climbing plant can also grow just as well inside the house. In this case, the shoots like to hang down, only the tips reach the ceiling. Similar to the ivy aralia and ivy, the green ivy does not forgive drafts and prefers to thrive in semi-shaded areas. You can purchase this sturdy climbing plant for as little as 6.00 euros.

Buy tip: Ivy – Hedera helix hibernica

Hedera helix hibernica Großblättriger irischer Efeu im...

In addition to the already mentioned representatives, all ferns are also suitable for the sauna area.

Why plants are important for the sauna area

No matter which plants you decide on in the end, you should never completely abandon them. Plants provide oxygen and can ensure significantly better air quality, especially in the sauna area. In addition, they create a green oasis and thus also increase the well-being of the sauna-goer.


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