Interesting facts about the pink crystal salt from Pakistan

More and more people appreciate the pink crystal salt from Pakistan, which is also better known as ″Himalayan salt″. Many swear by the pink salt when seasoning food, others use it as a healing and wellness remedy. Interesting and interesting facts about the pink crystal salt from Pakistan you will learn in the following article.
Interesting facts about the pink crystal salt from Pakistan

Interesting facts about the pink crystal salt from Pakistan

Where does the pink crystal salt come from?

According to a legend, the salt was discovered by the army of Alexander the Great near the Himalayan Mountains. Therefore, the salt also bears the name “Alexander’s salt”. However, since it does not come directly from the Himalayas, but from the Pakistani province of Punjab, about 200 kilometers away, a court banned advertising with the name ″Himalayan Salt″ in 2016. In Pakistan, the rock salt is mined at a depth of about 650 meters below ground in the ″Salt Range″. The salt mine, which has been operating since the 16th century, is one of the second-largest on earth.

Origin of the pink crystal salt

The salt was formed about 250 to 260 million years ago, when there was still sea in the mountain range near the Himalayas, which evaporated at some point over time. What remained was the pink crystal salt, which is still completely natural. Because at that time, the seas were still spared from pollution and other harmful burdens.

Composition of the pink crystal salt from Pakistan

While the industrial salt commonly used in most kitchens contains neither minerals nor trace elements and is additionally mixed with artificial anti-caking agents, the pink crystal salt from Pakistan is one of the healthiest salts of all. Because it is natural and contains many minerals and trace elements such as sodium chloride, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sulfur and a little iodine and fluoride. As the ancient rock salt contains high amount of iron oxide, it is reddish in color.

Use as a health salt

The natural salt is also appreciated by connoisseurs for its positive influence on health. For example, the pink crystal salt helps with respiratory diseases, skin problems, sleep disorders, muscle cramps, high blood pressure, strengthens bones and the immune system. Respiratory diseases and stress sufferers are recommended, for example, to visit so-called salt caves, which are more and more artificially created.

Wrapped in cozy blankets on a reclining chair in a quiet, feel-good atmosphere, you can relax in salty air at a temperature of about 18 to 24 degrees Celsius and high humidity. The salty air gives you strength for everyday life and has a positive effect on your respiratory system. Some health insurances even subsidize the stay in salt caves if respiratory diseases are present.

Wellness for body and soul

In the sauna, the red crystal salt from Pakistan can develop its healing and relaxing effect even better. Because in the mild, about 60 degrees hot salt sauna, the ions released by the salt crystals are absorbed even better through sweating. They enter the body through the skin and respiratory tract, where they can unfold their healing effect. This means power for the immune system and declares war on viruses and bacteria. The pleasant warmth of the sauna also provides relaxation and thus helps to bring body, mind and soul back into harmony.

Well-being place salt sauna

In the salt sauna, the sauna guest immerses all his senses in a pink world of salt. Partially the walls are completely ″paved″ with the reddish salt plates and spread by a discreet lighting feel-good ambience in wonderful reddish light. Salt particles are released from the plates into the air and absorbed by the body at a pleasant warmth, so that they can develop their positive effect in the best possible way.

Even a home sauna is ″upgradable″ by salt plates, which are simply glued on. So you can build your own salt wellness temple at home. However, it is also enough to ″salt up″ the common sauna a little. To do this, for example, you can hang evaporator bowls with water and the salt chunks above the sauna heater or you attach holders with the red brine chunks in the sauna.

Buying tip: 50 pieces of salt bricks for the sauna

Salt bricks are building materials made of 100% pure crystal salt, which is extracted from the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. These bricks are not only translucent, but when backlit, they glow in soft shades of red and orange, reminiscent of a sunrise. Each of these bricks is unique and is used for interior design in a variety of settings, including homes, medical offices, restaurants and hotels. They can also be used as radiator coverings, light columns, and in saunas or infrared cabins to create a pleasant and natural light.

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Buying tip: Sauna evaporator bowl with salt crystals

With this high-quality hanging bowl, your sauna stay will be an unforgettable experience and a highlight in your sauna. The stainless steel chain is always delivered in a longer length, so that it is individually suitable for every sauna up to a ceiling height of 220 cm. This allows you to place the hanging bowl further up or directly above the sauna heater as you see fit. The delivery includes 600 gr. salt crystals.

You can also put the crystals dry into the evaporator bowl and heat them above the sauna heater. A brine application can also be made with water and the salt crystals. Fill some water into the evaporator bowl and add some salt crystals. As the salt slowly dissolves, it creates a brine solution that slowly evaporates. Salty air is known to have a positive effect on the respiratory system and skin. Or just try it with water and some sauna fragrance oil.

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Buying Tip: Sauna & Steam Bath Stainless Steel Salt Crystal Holder

This high quality salt crystal holder will make your sauna an unforgettable experience. Simply attach it to the sauna heater or around it with the included hanging hooks. The effects of salt crystals have been known for centuries and can relieve skin and respiratory problems. By breathing salty air, you can not only prevent chronic bronchitis, but also promote your health, vitality and beauty.

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Crystal salt lamps for sauna

Furthermore, you can hang so-called salt lamps, which are made of small salt chunks of the pink crystal salt, on the cabin wall. The salt lamps provide a pleasant, warm light in the cabin and also emit the healthy ions to the environment. They even purify the air. Salt lamps can also spread their positive effect outside of saunas, such as at home in the living room or children’s room, as well as in the office and many other rooms.

Buying tip: Salt crystal lamp for the sauna

With the salt crystal lamp and the natural pink salt stones, your sauna will be bathed in a soft, warm light. At the same time, the air in the room is enriched with negative ions. Use the salty sea air in your sauna and conjure up a beautiful ambience with the salt crystal lamp. The lamp consists of a wooden frame with wooden rods, a 4 mm thick sandblasted clear glass and a humidity lamp.

Between the clear glass and the wooden rods are the salt crystals, which provide the perfect air in the sauna. The rising steam in the sauna flushes the valuable minerals from the crystal and enriches the air. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics can especially benefit from the positive effect. The salt crystal lamp is suitable for corner mounting. Simply lean back, close your eyes and breathe in the healthy, salty air.

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Beauty factor for the skin

Salt scrubs with the ″pink miracle cure″ provide the additional beauty factor. With the sauna salt from the red crystal salt you rub before, during or after the sauna. The heat of the sauna then melts the salt on the skin, allowing the healthy minerals and trace elements to be ideally absorbed through the skin. This cleanses the skin, improves blood circulation and makes it velvety soft.

Buying tip: Body scrub from pink salt crystals

Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells. PraNaturals Pink Crystal Salt Scrub cleanses impurities from the skin all over the body, leaving it soft, beautifully silky and smooth. Pamper yourself with this luxurious blend of mineral-rich salts, 3 plant oils and kiwi seeds. Crystal salts rid the skin of dead skin cells, while vitamin C from kiwi seeds gives it a youthful appearance.

Moisturizing oils from olives, avocados and jojoba in the salt blend nourish and revitalize the skin. The main ingredient, pink crystal salt, is extremely rich in trace elements that detoxify the body, and has numerous properties that are clearly beneficial to health, such as lowering blood pressure, promoting blood circulation, relaxing the entire body, and removing dead skin cells.

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The pink crystal salt from Pakistan, which is available in different versions – ground, as granules, as brine chunks or salt plates – not only impresses with its beautiful, reddish appearance. Its healthy components as well as its naturalness make the ancient rock salt a popular means of salting the most diverse dishes. Furthermore, the natural salt is highly valued as a remedy as well as a wellness product. Especially through the heat of the sauna, it can unfold its full effect. You should definitely try the pink crystal salt from Pakistan.


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