How to clean a sauna suit?

They can avoid bacteria and odor buildup on their sauna suit by taking proper care of it. Since sweat and dirt accumulate on the inside of the sauna suit after training, it should be cleaned regularly. Fortunately, this is quite simple!
How to clean and store a sauna suit in 5 easy steps

How to clean and store a sauna suit in 6 easy steps

Sauna suits are specially designed to increase the core temperature of the body during exercise. This is a full bodysuit made of synthetic materials that is worn during exercise to increase sweat production. In short, it’s like going to the sauna to get all the health benefits without having to go to the sauna. There are different types of sauna suits, which differ mainly by their materials. Most of them cannot be washed in a washing machine and must be washed by hand instead.

1. Read the laundry label

The most important step in this process is reading the laundry label. There you will find important information such as the water temperature required to wash the suit, drying instructions, and whether or not you can use a regular detergent. Some suits require a mild detergent, but if this is not specified, a regular dishwashing detergent will suffice. If not specified or labeled, wash the suit in lukewarm water (not too hot), with regular soap.

2. Care after training

To avoid odors, germs, or damage from dried sweat, regular care is more useful than cleaning only as needed. Rinse the suit in clean water after each workout to avoid subsequent scrubbing of dried stains.

3. Hand wash sauna suit with detergent

Two tubs of clean water should be used, one with a small amount of mild detergent. Soak the suit in the detergent tub for about 15 minutes, and then carefully remove all debris and dirt. In the next step, rinse the suit in the tub with clean water. After that, drain well.

4. Hang up the sauna suit to dry

The most effective way to dry a sauna suit is to hang it on a hanger while the suit is still wet. Even if the manufacturer allows drying in direct sunlight, I would advise against it, as this can cause damage to the rubber and nylon parts of the product.

5. Washing the sauna suit in the washing machine

If your suit can be washed in the washing machine, you need to carefully choose the appropriate settings for your machine. If it is a nylon suit, you will need a gentle program so as not to damage the seams. Be sure to pay attention to the recommended washing temperature, which you can find on the label. Spin cycles should be avoided as they can be extremely damaging to the material. Use a mild detergent, but please use it sparingly. If you exercise regularly, wash your suit once a week. As a rule, I recommend hanging the suit to dry, even if the manufacturer prescribes machine drying.

6. How to store a sauna suit

Make sure your rubberized or nylon sauna suits are completely dry before storing them, as moisture can create odors and damage the material over time. Wetsuits also need a constant temperature in the room where they are stored, otherwise they will lose their strength and flexibility.

Our recommendation

Wetsuits are more durable and easier to clean compared to plastic suits. Moreover, the suits can be cleaned with a solution of hot water and soap. Make sure that your sauna suits do not retain moisture or remain damp for a long period of time, as this creates an ideal environment for germs to grow.

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