Honey salt scrub do it yourself

Make a honey-salt scrub yourself is quick and provides an impressive effect. Just give it a try. We'll tell you how.
Honey and salt peeling for a beautiful soft skin

Honey and salt peeling for a beautiful soft skin

Honey and salt are two substances that can do wonders for beauty. Both natural products are known for their skin clarifying effect. Honey provides the skin with valuable moisture at the same time. So they fight pimples and blackheads perfectly, without drying out the skin. That is why the cosmetics industry has also discovered the effect of natural products for itself. In recent years, numerous remedies have come onto the market. But you can save the money. After all, a honey-salt scrub is very easy to prepare yourself.

Honey and salt for clear skin

That both honey and salt have a skin clarifying effect is clear. But the two natural products can do much more for you. For example, honey contains numerous trace elements and minerals. These are, for example, iron, copper, potassium, calcium and magnesium. They are valuable nutrients for the skin. Honey also contains several B vitamins, which help in the renewal of cells. In addition, the natural product provides the skin with moisture.

In addition, honey and salt together develop a skin-soothing effect. In plain language, this means that they help minimize unsightly redness. The two natural miracle remedies also have a soothing effect on sunburn.

How to make your honey salt scrub

For your scrub you only need two ingredients: Honey and salt in the ratio 2:1. Gently heat the honey in a saucepan and stir in the salt once the sticky juice is liquid enough. Stir until a thick paste is formed.

How to apply your honey salt scrub

You should apply the scrub in a relatively warm place. Finally, a relatively viscous mass is formed, which can be optimally used only in the heat. Put a small amount of it on your hand and massage it in with gentle circular movements. The salt removes dead skin cells and the honey provides the skin with nutrients. After use, simply rinse off the residue thoroughly.

You can use the honey-salt scrub as you wish on your face and the rest of your body. You will benefit from the wonderful effect of natural products everywhere. By the way, the peeling works best if you rest for half an hour after application.

It all depends on the ingredients

Making the honey-salt scrub easy to do yourself is an inexpensive alternative to drugstore products. However, you should not be stingy when buying the ingredients. Again and again, numerous studies have been published showing that cheap honey is contaminated with harmful substances. You would get them deep under your skin with the scrub. So you’d better reach for a high-quality product, preferably one with an organic seal. This way, you can be sure that no unwanted substances are contained.

You should also be selective when it comes to salt. In principle, you could also use normal household salt. It would not harm your skin. However, sea salt contains valuable minerals in addition to the clarifying effect. This is because it is formed from evaporated seawater. Common salt, on the other hand, comes from underground tunnels. To extract it, the salt is flushed out of these tunnels with water. Nutrients are already lost in the process. In addition, table salt is also chemically treated.

This is what you need for a honey-salt scrub:

Sauna scrub salt extra sauna salt fine

Peeling Salt Extra is a fine, odorless and high quality salt from the Dead Sea. It is rich in minerals, nourishes the skin and promotes blood circulation. Application: In the sauna or steam bath, the skin is warmed up. Massage in the exfoliating salt and leave to work. Then shower off. When using in the shower, massage the exfoliating salt into the skin, leave on and rinse off with lukewarm water.

With the high-quality peeling salt, you remove dry skin flakes, stimulate blood circulation and support the growth of new skin cells. At the same time, the exfoliating salt has a detoxifying effect. For optimal effect, we recommend weekly application.

Sauna Peelingsalz Extra Saunasalz fein 1,0 kg - 100%...


The sauna honey gel is applied to the final sauna session on the moistened skin all over the body and massaged in over and over again. Due to the light texture of the sauna honey gel, it is quickly absorbed in the warmth of the sauna. The delicate exfoliating particles of ground coriander make the skin pleasantly soft and supple. The flower honey provides long-lasting moisture and soothes stressed skin. Its fragrance is subtle, very fruity, warm and heavenly-lovely.

SAUNA HONIG-Gel sunny Orange 125 g

Peeling glove rough incl. Peeling Guide

You can use the peeling glove in the steam bath or sauna. Light massage removes old skin cells and opens pores. After that, your skin becomes smoother and gets a radiant complexion. We recommend starting your exfoliation ritual on your feet. Work your way up to the heart with the glove in gentle circular motions. After finishing the peeling ritual, you can simply rinse the glove with lukewarm water and hang it up to dry, preferably using the suction cups provided.

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