Sensuality & well-being: The influence of sauna heat and hormones

When hormones go crazy in the sauna

In the silence of the sauna, wrapped in warm light and fragrant steam, a world of sensuality unfolds. Here, far from the noise of everyday life, we can lose ourselves and find ourselves again, carried by the rhythms of our own heartbeat and the melodies of our hormones. Enter this temple of emotions and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the moment.

What effects does the sauna have on our body?

How the sauna affects the organism

One of the most important health benefits of sauna is the strengthening of the body’s defenses. By reducing the risk of infection, the sauna effect makes the immune system far less susceptible to illnesses such as colds and similar respiratory diseases. And the beauty of it is, the more often, and consistently you enjoy the benefits of the sauna, the stronger the hardening effect becomes.