Ownership/Financing Information

Ownership structure and financing of Saunazeit magazine

Saunazeit magazine is an online platform specializing in all aspects of sauna culture and wellness. In order to keep the website running and provide quality content, the magazine relies on various forms of funding. In this section, we take a look at the ownership structure of Saunazeit magazine and the sources of funding that contribute to the success and sustainability of the project.

Ownership structure: Saunazeit magazine is run by a group of enthusiastic sauna lovers who aim to create an informative platform for like-minded people. The exact composition of the ownership structure may vary, as the magazine relies on cooperations and partnerships with various experts and authors from the sauna industry. These collaborations enable the magazine to offer a wide range of expertise and experience and present diverse perspectives to its readers.

Funding and revenue: To support the operation of Saunazeit magazine and ensure its independence, the magazine relies on various sources of revenue. One of the most important sources are so-called affiliate links. These links refer to recommended products or services, and if a reader clicks on such a link and makes a purchase, the magazine receives a commission from the respective provider. Sauna Time Magazine is an Amazon affiliate and earns from qualified sales through Amazon. It should be noted that these commissions do not affect the price for the reader.

In addition to affiliate links, Saunazeit magazine also generates revenue through Google Advertising. By placing ads on the website, the magazine receives financial support from advertisers. Provided the reader has not activated an ad blocker, Saunazeit magazine generates revenue from these ads.