Lung disease

Is sauna bad for the lungs

Is sauna unhealthy for the lungs?

Sauna visits are popular with many people because they are soothing and relaxing. Some even claim they can cure diseases with it. This may help with a number of ailments, but what about the lungs when exposed to extreme temperatures? We will get to the bottom of this question. Read on to learn more about the potential risks and benefits of saunas, as well as how to behave properly when using one.

Why is a regular visit to the sauna so healthy?

Sauna is training for the lungs

It is between 104 and 230 °F hot and over five million Germans visit this location very regularly. It should not be difficult to guess what we are talking about here. Many people compare the time spent in the sauna with a warm embrace and complete relaxation. Yet there is so much more to this description.